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Assess The Impact Of Fascist Rule On The People Of Germany Up To 1939.

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When Hitler became a dictator in 1933 following the Enabling Act, the lives of Germans changed completely. Fascist rule Germany had an obvious impact on the everyday of lives of the German people through out the 1930's. However, it is debatable how big an impact fascist rule had as for many people the Nazi's had very little do with them. This is evident when a German steelworker said: "I don't worry about the Nazi's any more. I just don't have anything to do with the Nazi's". This essay shall discuss how big an impact the fascist rule had on the German people by looking at the end of democracy, the police state Propaganda, the economy and race policies.The end of democracy had an impact on the lives of Germans as it meant that they no longer had any rights or had any say in how their country was run. The Reichstag had been dissolved in 1933 by the Enabling Act, which gave Hitler and the Nazi party total control of Germany for 4 years. This meant that Hitler could now do whatever he wanted without having to consult the Reichstag for approval. Hitler's coming to power also resulted in changes in the Civil Service. In 1933 a law was passed which stated that Civil Servants had to be pure German and had to support the Nazi Party. Unsurprisingly 60% of Civil Servants became members of the Nazi Party that year, not necessarily because they supported them but because they wanted to protect their jobs! However although Hitler coming to power meant the end of democracy, many people were quite pleased about this. The years of the Weimar Republic had been troublesome with hyperinflation, economic depression, which were both linked to the hated Treaty of Versailles. The Reichstag had been unable to solve the economic problems caused by the Wall Street Crash of 1929 due to the weak Coalition government being unable to agree on anything. The failure of democracy and the feelings that the politicians had stabbed Germany in the back when they had been able to win the way led to contempt of democracy and made many people wish for strong leadership again. The return of dictatorship meant that people again had the strong leadership that they had experienced before the war and it meant that they no longer had any of the rights that they had enjoyed during the days of the Wiemar Republic. The end of democracy is very important as dictatorship lead onto all the other factors of the Nazi state as it was only when Hitler had total control that he could implement his policies.The police state was one of the factors introduced when the Nazi's came to power. The police state enforced Hitler's laws using a system of violence, spies and fear. The Gestapo was the secret police that relied mainly on the people to tell them who was against Hitler. This lead to distrust amongst the German people and made it very difficult for people to join together to oppose the Nazi's. The Gestapo was a branch of the S.S which, amongst other things, ran the concentration camps which were a...

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