Analyze The Impact Of Various Events On The American Industrial Worker Between 1865 And 1900.

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I. Background information on industry and workersA. Between the period of 1865-1900, industry exploded in growthB. There were many contributors that included government action, labor unions, immigration, and technological changes.1. Government action tried to help the workers by decreasing corporations' control over employees2. Labor unions tried to increase benefits and make working easier3. Immigration helped by having a cheap, abundant labor source for businesses to use4. Technological changes both helped and hurt workers by making it easier to work but making it harder by causing a need for skilled labor.C. All of these affected workers, but in some more than others, however, labor unions and technological changes had the greatest effect on the American Industrial worker in both beneficial and detrimental ways.II. Information on labor unionsA. Labor unions were created for the advancement of the workers.1. Unions tried to change aspects of their workday through strikes.(a) Some notable changes included the 8-hour workday for Federal workers and other benefits.B. Labor unions tried to increase wages and decrease working hours to make working easier.C. One of the most well known labor unions of this time was the Knights of Labor.1. Uriah Stevens founded the Knights of Labor in 1869.2. The Knights of Labor were well known for allowing anyone to join, white or black, skilled or unskilled.(a) They achieved a membership of over 750,000.(b) However, in the Haymarket Square incident, the Knights of Labor were blamed for the bomb thrown into the crowd.(c) The Knights of Labor officially disbanded afterwards.3. After the Knights of Labor was the American Federation of Labor, AFL.(a) Samuel Gompers founded the AFL in 1868(b) The AFL was a federation of skilled labor unions that was against unskilled workers taking the place of skilled workers in industries.(c) The AFL advocated legislation that restricted unskilled workers in the workplace.III. Information about technological changesA. During the period from 1865 to 1900, technology changed greatly and greatly affected the worker.B. Inventions like the Bessemer process, railroads, and the production plant all affected jobs and the economy.C. The Bessemer process allowed steel to be created at a much...

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