Assess The Main Threats Of Is/It Outsourcing And Put These Possible Threats In Order Based On Its Importance. Justify Your Answer

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The first main threats of IS/IT outsourcing are the issue of trust because it has become very important things to ensure that third parties into personal or confidential information to protect that information from misuse and not authentic. Basically, customer organization is needed increasingly being held responsible for securing and protecting customer information. The protection of customer they need use the approved authorization to avoid problem or misuse for those who like hackers. Furthermore, it also concern in regard to unauthorized and unintended disclosure of government confidential or proprietary information, as well as intellectual property.

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A main threat, especially to customization and enhancements is limited. Sometimes, the outsourcing gives good service in an organization but it is limited to improve or changes the situation in the original contract. In business, customers might change the external market forces and regulations on their outsourcing changes accordingly by term and conditions.

Almost every outsourcing has a threat as like the problem with IT outsourcing for company. The IT outsourcing that has been published indicates a variety of problems associated with this activity such as hack from hackers, thieves, sharing organization IT knowledge with competitors and access to the latest technology. The problem on the issues can be analyses in depth in this situation or problem. So it will examine the key facts surrounding each item to solving their problem.

Another threat are unclear cost and benefit with taking all the relevant outsourcing factors and how to access the potentially better service deliver by the provider to company. For example, some companies are experiencing such problems with a lack of expertise in the organization. It also cause to lack of unclear crisis cost methods available from the outsourcing. A company will under pressure to resolve these issues and try to outsource clear as to make sure both...

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