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Assess The Negative Social Consequences/Impacts Of Globalisation.

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Student: Shevon LicorishLecturer: Mr. Anthony AndallCourse: Global Issues in Business IITopic: Assess the negative social consequences/impacts of globalisation.Assignment: Term PaperSchool: Saint Georges UniversityFulfilment: To gain a keen knowledge about Globalisation.Date: Thursday 19th, April, 2006Table of ContentINTRODUCTION………………………….1BODY……………………………………...2 - 4CONCLUSION……………………………5 - 6REFERENCES……………………………7Assess the negative social consequences/impactsof globalisation.IntroductionAs the world develops, the thought of total togetherness plagues the mind of nations and Politicians in particular. A group of individuals when cooperating, or working together can achieve a lot, but what happens when they are secretly all about themselves? You have corruption, infections of crime from other countries and total brain washing by politicians.Growing international trade was transforming the ways people were living and interacting. Newly affluent people and emerging middle classes were basking in the freedom of a promising future. Much of the world now set its sights on generating even more prosperity, while confronting the awesome task of reducing the huge gap between the rich and the poor and of preserving the peace that allowed such vigorous economic growth. The world concentrated on finding new ways of making money, not war.The quest for wealth is an ageless pursuit. Because it provides the means by which many other prized values can be realized, the successful management of economics lie at the center of how governments define their national interests. What practice should they embrace to regulate commercial and monetary activities within their borders? And what policies should each one adopt to influence trading and financial exchanges with others?Seeking any measure or means to make money is all well and good, but what happens when that measure corrupts others. Leaving them with matters not genuinely affiliated with them.The most highlighted means for the quest of wealth is Globalisation. What is Globalisation? Well, according to the International Monetary Fund, "the increasingly close international integration of markets both for goods and services and for capital ."This paper will solidify on the topic Assess the negative social consequences/impacts of globalisation.BodyRapid changes in the world force people to think about and interpret world politics in fresh ways. Of all the many changes, perhaps none has been more profound and far reaching than the post-World War 2 phenomenon known as globalisation.When nations seek to be integrated for financial advantages other problems are not thoroughly investigated and considered....

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