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Assess The View That Leni Riefenstahl Was Documenting History Rather Than Creating Propaganda.

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Leni Riefenstahl's films gave the world the lasting images of Nazi Germany, whether in the form of propaganda or as she claims, in a completely historical sense. Following the second world war, Leni Reifenstahl was both praised and put down for her contributions to the Nazi Party through her films. Some historical debates state she was creating propaganda films knowingly and deliberately for the Nazi regime while others have succumbed to her adamant protest that she was merely creating films that reflected her technical creativity, artistic accomplishments and the history of the time period. Riefenstahl began her career as a dancer and actress, but it was her films of the 1934 Nazi party rally and of the Berlin Olympics two years later that brought her prewar acclaim and postwar infamy. Her films of the Nuremberg rallies were stated by historian Susan Sontag as being "the most purely propagandist films ever made", while others argue that her films could not be cited as propaganda as they lacked many of the elements that would traditionally make them so. Riefenstahl's film made of the of the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Olympia, perhaps raises much of the debate surrounding whether Leni Riefenstahl was creating propaganda rather than documenting history as many analysts and historians have perceived elements of Nazi ideology through her pioneering film techniques. Amidst all of the claims made against her for over half a century, Leni Riefenstahl remained relentless in denying the allegations made against her; whether she was a Nazi sympathiser and propagandist or purely an artist. However, through the allegations made against her and her films, either way there is no doubt regarding that "through her lens, Leni Riefenstahl gave the world the lasting images of Nazi Germany".Helene (Leni) Berta Amalie Riefenstahl was born in Berlin in 1902 and began her career as a dancer, when waiting at a train station after severely injuring her knee, she saw a poster for a mountain film directed by Dr Arnold Fanck. Becoming immediately inspired, she took up acting in Fanck's films which then led her to direct, edit and perform in the film Das Blaue Licht (The Blue Light) in 1932. After completing a European tour promoting the film, she returned to Berlin to find her city filled with Nazi propaganda. Curious, she attended a Nazi Party rally held at SportsPalast where she saw Adolf Hitler speak. She reflected in a later interview; "He radiated something very powerful... Something which had a kind of hypnotic effect. That frightened me a little." Leni requested a meeting with Hitler to which he accepted, having previously admired her work, and confronted her with the idea of making his party films. According to Dr Fritz Hippler, the Reich Director - General of film; "Riefenstahl was lucky, of course, in getting on terms with Hitler... before there was any talk of his seizing power. At that early stage, she had already won for herself Hitler's approval and involvement."...

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