Assessing And Comparing Perceptions Of Distance Education In The U.S. And Britain With Kazakhstan

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Previous experiences show how education is expensive, time consuming process requiring travelling long distances. Changes were observed when top universities like Harvard and Berkley offered distance education (DE) program for anyone desiring to study (Lentel, 2012, pp. 23-24). Similarly in Kazakhstan, for instance, there is type of education program involving DE - ‘zaochoe obuchenie’. However, the quality of such education and learning experience are not well studied.
Research papers assessing DE involve questioning students and comparison of their knowledge with students sitting in the classroom (Pardasani et al., 2012, pp. 414-416). However, after obtaining knowledge and statement of accomplishment, the perception of professors and employers are not assessed. Especially, this problematic in Kazakhstan where concept of distance education is not well understood. This research will try to explore problem of DE, analyze responses of professors about its quality and compare thoughts of employers from U.S. and Britain with employers from Kazakhstan about DE.
Concept of DE is usually associated with development of technologies. Improvement of technologies, making DE more realistic questions whether it is different from real classes (Fuegen, 2012, pp. 233-238). Problem is that Kazakhstan employers do not know much about learning style and quality of education. In addition, according to the law only people with disabilities, living outside of the country, doing military service, and studying in condensed educational programs can be officially DE students (, 2012). This problem is interesting as questions need in education which is not credited well. Making DE more real through development of technology is one of the possible solutions. To improve it spread of information about DE can be achieved through informing wider audience.
There are studies assessing what students feel and their experience during classes (Castano-Munoz, 2013, pp. 242-243). Project will assess thoughts of professors from Kazakhstan Universities and compare with British and U.S. professors. Moreover, it will analyze opinions of ordinary people about distance education and its quality. Results can be used to assess and improve methods of DE and help to its spread.
Project Summary
Project will involve creating video showing short history of DE, its evolution, and several interviews from professors and employers. Due to the fact that video would be created it will require presence of camera, computer and editing software. Because Sony Vegas video editing software was used before it would be used again and posted in site afterwards. The site was chosen because it has large audience and spread of knowledge can be achieved in short...

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