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Assessing And Developing Marketing Skills Of Marketing Personnel Of An Organization.

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1. Executive SummaryWe have carried out a research to assessing and developing marketing skills of marketing personnel of an organization. Five companies were selected by us for these purposes which are facing heavy competition in the market. Those companies are, Sri Lanka Telecom Ltd., Hemsons International (Pvt) Ltd, Uniwalkers Ltd, Reprographics (Pvt) Ltd. & Sala Entreprises.As a first activity prepared questionnaires which include almost all essential skills expected from marketing personnel and then met the managing director, head of marketing or general manager depend on the hierarchy of the companies which were selected by us, who are in charge for the total marketing group of these organizations and requested them to rank the questionnaires depend on the important of the skills for the performances of their marketing executives. We interview the 40% of the marketing heads through face to face interview & for the remaining percentage use the telephone, fax & email as a medium of contacts because of their requested due their work load & time constrains.After having obtained the expected skills level from marketing heads, prepared questionnaires to audit the skills level of the marketing executives of the same above mentioned companies to find any gaps between expected levels of skills & experienced by the executives. For this purpose we included 20 tried & tested questions which were taken from web sites. Here our main target is to audit the leadership skills & emotional intelligence skills experiences. Out of 20 questions 11 questions testing the leadership skills remaining to check the emotional intelligence skills experiences. We have selected three executives from Sri Lanka Telecom Ltd. & two each from other companies other than Sala Entreprises where we selected only one executive.We have used the score method & graphical method to find the gaps. Gaps details are as follows.Sri Lanka Telecom executives having level of emotional intelligence skills but their leadership skills experiences are approximately 80% of the top management expected level. So head of marketing should concentrate on this matter & take alternative measures to increase the leadership skills while maintaining the present emotional skills levels.Reprogrphics (Pvt) Ltd marketing executive has the both skills exceeding the expectations but their assistant sales manager's emotional intelligence are faire good at 94.44% of the expected level and his leadership skills up to 70% of the expected level. This may be due to the fact that this person having only one & half years of experience in the present position.Hemsons International (Pvt) Ltd. Executives are reached only 60% - 70% of the expected skills. Immediate action to be taken to recover the present positions otherwise they will face negative consequences.In Uniwalkers Ltd both the marketers are experiencing the same level of emotional intelligence that is 68.89% of the...

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