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Assessing Corporte Culture: Walt Disney Corp.

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IntroductionToday, we will be looking at the corporate culture of Walt Disney Company. Walt Disney Company has a very distinctive corporate culture. It is a culture that is deliberate and well thought out.Formal StatementsWhen looking for a formal statement prevalent within a company, our initial direction is to search for a mission statement. Searching through the official website of Walt Disney Company, no such mission statement can be found. We can, however, find a list of commitment that the Board has pledged to ( Business Standards and Ethics - The Walt Disney Company's business and ethical standards are fundamental to how the company operates, and include workplace policies, hiring, training, business conduct guidelines, and ethical and legal standards.2. Corporate Governance - We are committed to governance policies and practices that promote thoughtful and independent representation of shareholder interests.3. Community - We are dedicated to making the dreams of families and children a reality through public service initiatives, community outreach and volunteerism in the communities where we live and work around the world.4. Disney's Environmentality - The Walt Disney Company is committed to balancing environmental stewardship with its corporate goals and operations worldwide.5. International Labor Standards - We are committed to the promotion and maintenance of responsible international labor practices in our licensing and direct sourcing operations throughout the world.6. Safety and Security - The safety of our guests and our cast members is of paramount importance to us and is evident in programs throughout the company and in our ongoing review and improvement of these programs as needed.Slogans and LanguageWalt Disney Company's terminology goes a long way in promoting its culture. Walt Disney does not have employees, they have cast members. They have a role to play in the show, not a job. They wear costumes, not uniforms. When everything is in place and working right, that is considered "good show." If something is not up to par, that is "bad show." They perform in front of an audience of guests, not a crowd of customers (Lynch).Role Modeling, Training and TeachingTraining at Walt Disney Company is focal point of the employee hiring process. Before candidates even fill out an employment application, they are shown a video that describes what is expected of a Disney employee. Disney estimates that about 10% of the people shown this video walk out with fill out an application. Training also starts on the first day of employment. All employees are required to go through Disney University's "Disney Traditions." This program is conducted over a three-day period and has each employee spend a few hours each day watching training videos, meeting one-on-one with supervisors and participating in team-building exercises with fellow employees. From that, they graduate to specialized training session for their particular job or...

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