Evaluating Patient Satisfaction With Behavioral Sciences Staff

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The Baton Rouge General Family Health Clinic is part of the Family Medicine Residency Program. The Program is dedicated to addressing the holistic health care needs of the local community, as well as the state of Louisiana. This is done through the training of new family physicians and providing direct, accessible, and quality care. The Family Health Center functions as a multi-disciplinary unit, employing the services of the medical residents, nurses, nutritionist, support staff, and behavioral sciences staff in order to provide the highest level of care for its patients. While the Center works together to provide comprehensive care for patients, each unit must uphold its requirements so that the patients’ expectations and needs are met. The purpose of this paper is to describe a behavioral sciences program objective that is aimed at improving patient satisfactions with services and so the betterment of the entire program.Statement of Problem and Literature ReviewThe program objective that will be evaluated is the patients satisfaction with services received from behavioral sciences team. Specifically, all patients seen by a member of the behavioral sciences staff between September 1st and April 1st will receive a follow-up call 2 weeks after their visit and asked to participate in a patient satisfaction survey. If the patient cannot be reached by phone after 2 attempts then the survey will be mailed to the address on file. The behavioral sciences team includes the staff psychologist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and any social work interns currently at the program. Patient satisfaction is important to the Family Health Center and moreover Family Residency Medicine Program’s, mission and program goals in thatpatient satisfaction can be linked to improving the quality of the program as well as patient outcomes. Further, since the Program is committed to addressing the health and medical care needs of the local community, the Program focuses largely on prevention, health education and psychosocial concerns that typically undermine underline the patients’ needs. The Program takes pride in its health care providers who collaborate with families in order to preserve, and enhancing, the total wellness of its members. The residents are taught to identify psychosocial concerns in the exam room, and then refer to behavioral sciences so that the proper actions can be taken. The goal of this program objective, and the underlying hypothesis, is that through the assessment of patient satisfaction of services received from the behavioral sciences department, the staff will be able to better serve the patients and improve not only referrals given, but overall interactions that take place with the patients. Through the use of open-ended qualitative questions, the behavioral sciences staff will received specific feedback on what patients find helpful, and what they thought could have been done differently. Again, patient satisfaction with...

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