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Assessing The Efficiency Of The Mental Health Social Work Practice

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The adult mental health social work may be considered complex and challenging due to the issues it faces. The practice entails the involvement of a certain number of professionals which have the authority to make an immense impact on the service users’ lives. The association with the social services may initiate within the service users a certain amount of discomfort and vulnerability. This may be because it could carry with it a certain degree of unwarranted labelling and prejudice. Apart from the impact that the involvement of the social services have on the service users, it is worth noting that there are further challenges which may be encountered, and they do not only arise from the complexity of the service users’ situation alone, they may also stem from the social worker’s capacity and experience to practice, laws, policies, funding and other factors that cannot always be controlled. The social workers have many tools to help and support the service users, however, been entrusted with authority as well as an element of power to make decisions through their assessments, they are also expected to practice responsibly because of the immense impact their evaluations have on people’s lives. These together with the legal accountability and the professionally required, ethical and moral congruence may be a fertile ground for conflict of interests. For example, a discrepancy between the views of the social worker and the service user regarding needs of services.
The arguments presented in this essay take a strong stance in agreement with the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) as well as the guidelines to practice offered by The Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) therefore any matters that are discussed are in conformity to them and I have utilised them as guiding principles when debating the levels of professional practice.
These complex ethical dilemmas warrant a greater deal of attention and critical analysis, especially when considering their ability to cause a certain amount of tension between social workers and service users, managers, laws and policies as well as other issues pertaining to the same theme. Therefore, I will attempt to initiate an illustrative discussion based on their impact on those...


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