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Assessing The Importance Of Team Communication In Various Settings

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Assessing the Importance of Team Communication in Various Settings. When one thinks of team what comes to mind; is it the Phoenix Suns? A Married Couple? An assigned Work Group? If yes was the answer that is correct! These are prime examples of a team, or, a group of individuals striving toward a common goal, in many cases, success. In order for the team to reach any desired success, communication within one another is a crucial implementation. Whether a sports 'team', a matrimonial 'team', or an employee 'team', effective communication is necessary for the successful accomplishment of the goal at hand.Sports Communication: Communication amongst sports teams is vital if a championship victory is sought. Phil Jackson, a notorious Basketball coach can attribute many of his wins to maintaining effective communication between himself and his teams. The purpose and anticipated outcome must be efficiently communicated; "effective teams have a clear mission or purpose, be it short-term objective or long-term goal. Regardless of the desired outcome, teams need a well-defined mutually agreed upon purpose, a key principle employed in Phil Jackson's Coaching Strategy (Brunner, 2007). The clarity this brings the team players allows them to remain together and focused with the end result in mind. Another well-known player, turned coach, who employs similar communication tactics, is Magic Johnson. "Magic is a terrific communicator, someone who enjoys the locker room and the banter. He loves to lend tips and guidance to rookies (Powell, 1994)." By maintaining open communication and building rapport with team players, Magic Johnson is able to familiarize them with game winning approach he once implemented throughout his successful career. But at the end of the day, that effective communication is also needed in maintaining a positive healthy matrimony as for they are members of another 'team'; their marriage.Marriage Communication: With the climbing divorce rates more couples are hesitant to tie-the-knot. Keeping in mind the definition; "a group of individuals striving toward a common goal" (Brunner, 2007), couples need to work together to manage the household, raise the children, and maintain a healthy relationship within each other. Again, communication is key. There was a study done by Psychologist Joan Bitzer of Psychological Associates of Pennsylvania, where she evaluated a couple in regard to how their communication, or lack there of, effected their relationship. The couple gave an example of going out to dinner:"You go out to dinner, and the next thing you know you have nothing to talk about. You realize that you've been co-existing. Secretly, you're blaming the other person, finding faults with the other person. And all the while it's happening you're suppressing your emotions, building a wall. It doesn't happen overnight. It takes years to get that bad" (Buffy, 2000).This couple learned through the evaluation, that without proper, open, communication,...

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