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Assessment Essay

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The article “Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory of work motivation tested empirically on seasonal workers in hospitality and tourism” by Lundberg et al (2009) discusses the question if Herzberg’s Theory of motivation is still valid with the aid of an empirical test on seasonal workers in hospitality and tourism (Lundberg et al, 2009)
In the introduction the authors provide background information about general effects of seasonal staffing in tourism and give evidence why motivation theories are not applicable on individuals (Wright, 1989).
Following this, Lundberg et al (2009) outline motivation theories applied on employments and explain Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory of work motivation, ergo hygiene factors and growth needs (see Appendix 1; Herzberg, 1971; Herzberg, Mausner & Bloch Snyderman, 2005). Moreover, the authors argue that individual personalities influence work motivation (Wang & Erdheim, 2007) and offer criticism on Herzberg’s theory (Parson & Broadbride, 2006; Tietjen & Myers, 1998).
Afterwards, the methodology of the empirical test is explained: The researchers analysed 613 questionnaires, drafted in Likert-type scale and in a context-adapted version of Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory (see Appendix 2). The test group, composed of seasonal workers in a rural Swedish destination, was divided into two subgroups: migrant and resident community. Beforehand, in-depth interviews were conducted with them (Lundberg et al, 2009).
Analysing the results empirically, Lundberg et al (2009) conclude that Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory is still valid and proofs the existence of hygiene factors such as the wage level, and growth factors; whereas feedback and responsibility have the biggest influence on work motivation amongst others. The results also show differences between the...

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