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Evaluation Of A Production Of Little Voice

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Evaluation of a Production of Little Voice


Little Voice is set in a Northern town in Britain. It was first
performed in 1992.

The play is based around a girl called LV, LV stands for little voice
as she doesn't ever speak and when she does she has a very soft voice,
almost a whisper she is grieving for her father who has died, she
never speaks and her way of grieving is to sing and listen to the
records her father has left to her. Her Mother, Mary, grieves her lost
youth, this is portrayed in the way she acts and dresses. The
relationship between Mary and LV stems from when LV's father was
alive, Mary felt left out of their 'quiet' activities such as
listening to records. LV is so very quiet, she never makes noise other
than playing her records, Mary fills the space with noise and action,
LV just seems to exist.

The play follows how LVis noticed by a man called Ray who is in a
relationship with Mary. He hears her sing and gets a contract for her
to perform at the local club. Ray becomes engrossed in trying to make
LV a star. When LVstands on the stage she impersonates her favourite
stars and turns into somebody completely different. The relationship
between Ray and Mary comes to an end and their house sets on fire, it
is this fire which makes Mary see that she now has nothing left, her
life is stripped open and we learn why LV has been so quiet for so

One of the main themes of the play is grief, other themes of the play
stem from this one main theme. For example alcoholism is a main part
of the play; it is Mary's way of escaping the harshness of reality.
Both LV and Mary's lives are based around the grief they both feel
after the death of LV's father.


The play was set in the round; this influenced the set design, as
there could be no walls or doors, as these would obstruct the
audiences view. The space was defined by different flooring; this
showed where the different rooms in the house were and where the
outside was, for example the carpet turned to grey stone to show the
outside street. Realistic elements such as water dripping from a
street lamp and litter around the drain grid made the whole set look
real. Even before the play started you could make assumptions about
the type of family that lived in the house, just simply through
looking at the cheap, old furniture, the bottles of alcohol strewn
everywhere and the pots and pans in the dirty looking kitchen. The
only space which looked immaculate, was LV's bedroom, everything was
neat and pristine.

Because the play was set in the round, it became a much more intimate
space. If you looked around you, you could see the reactions of other
people in the audience. The doors, windows and cupboards were all set
into the floor, yet still used for example, the wardrobes was opened,...

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