Assessment Of Eisenhower As Supreme Allied Commander

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Question #1
The purpose of this essay is to present a brief statement of Eisenhower’s critical thinking as the commander of the Mediterranean Theater in 1942-43 using the Critical Thinking Model proposed by Dr. Steve Gerras. Two of Eisenhower’s decisions or actions will be assessed using components of the Critical Thinking Model to determine if he did or did not demonstrate critical thinking.
The model used in this discussion is a derivative of the Paul and Elder model. The elements of the model discussed throughout this analysis are clarify concern, assumptions and, inferences . First, it will be assessed the Darlan Deal and Torch Landing. This analysis should reflect indeed if Eisenhower’s decisions were in concert with the Critical Thinking Model already established.
Whereas an assumption is something we take for granted, an inference is an intellectual act in which we conclude something based on a perception as to how the facts and evidence of a situation fit together . The military dimension and the outcome of Eisenhower action is interrelated to the political arena and its consequences. At first, political leader expressed to the Supreme Commander that he could use any mean to secure the West and North Africa including Admiral Darlan and his forces to be part of the Allied forces. This strategic goal set the tone for Eisenhower to put an action plan in place and to strike a deal with Darlan.
Nevertheless, the Darlan deal seemed to be a failure because soon after a deal was struck, Washington and London condemned him on the public opinion. GEN Eisenhower’s decision became a political liability for both Allied countries. The desired effect to make a neutral actor into an allied was his aim. His inference to make a relevant force and to secure a strategic geographical area to avoid losses of lives was not adequate to the political leadership.
From the military standpoint, his assumptions and inferences were corrected to the point the “Operation Torch” was strategically a success. Critical thinkers strive to become adept at making sound inferences . If one looks at his inferences were justified and logical, one should think they were. The Darlan Forces' analysis demonstrated that could have swung either way. His assumptions and inferences led to a deal with Darlan that saved lives.
After evaluating Critical Thinking Model within the context of a two-folded decision, and considering Eisenhower’s lack of high command experience, many of his instincts and inferences would prove correct . Although, one also should conclude that clarify concern, which is the step to ensure that the correct issue is being addressed, was weakly reviewed.
Question #2:
The purpose of this paper is to assess and analyze Eisenhower’s decision-making in the Frandendall relief situation using the Rational and Incremental Decision Making Models described by Professor Allen and Dr. Coates. Then, it explains which model best describes Eisenhower’s actions. These...

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