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Assessment Of Enterprise Level Business Systems Essay

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Assessment of Enterprise Level Business SystemsEddie SmithBSA/400September 15, 2014Roy Barnes




Assessment of Enterprise Level Business SystemsAll business organizations continually strive to operate effectively and efficiently in their market. This will in essence enhance the customer, client, or business partner experience. Furthermore, it makes the organization more profitable and competitive in their respective market. This will be a continuous effort of growth in a business. Failure to compete will result in loss of market share and ultimately the bankruptcy of a business. As an organization experience growth it will have to breakdown business operations into specific functions or departments within the organization. These departments ultimately contribute to the overall operations of the business, which makes processes easier to manage. However, there is the risk of departmentalization, which a department will become centrally focused on its operations and actually become a constraint for the business as an entity. Information technology (IT) has played an important role in respect to business operations because when an organization grows to over hundreds, thousands, and millions of customers, it becomes nearly impossible to manage in an efficient way without the use of technology. IT that support business processes is referred to as a business system, and these systems can be very complex and be catered to a specified business process within a department. However, system wide isolation across multiple departments can be detrimental to the enterprise as a whole. While a business continues to grow and expand across departments nationally and globally, information systems must also evolve and keep all business processes working in harmony across the enterprise.Business analysts have a very important role within an organization in which they serve on the IT department project management team and orchestrate the union between the business processes and information systems used within the organization. This is a tedious task and requires large amount of resources and assets to develop and maintain these systems, which are constantly in an evolution cycle. IT departments, depending on how large an organization is, will outsource its information system needs due to the lack of specialized training or experience within their respective organization. Outsourced information systems can come in different forms, such as a product or service. Outsourced support specialists are referred to as consultants. Consultants will market and promote their product or services to a business in support to a need the organization requires. If organization stakeholders decide to purchase a product or service from a consultant, which have their own IT department specialists as well, will deploy business analysts to determine the organizations needs for...

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