Assessment Of Levi Advertising Campaign Essay

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Assessment of Levi Advertising Campaign

Levi's have been around for more than a century. The company was
established in 1853. In 2003, Levi Strauss & Co. was 150 years old. In
1873 their founder, Levi Strauss created the first blue jeans. From
the mid 1950's onwards, jeans have been especially associated with
particular types of male American youth heroes, including James Dean,
the young Marlon Brando, & their Sixties followers - heroes who have
become symbols of youth & rebellion in almost all areas, spanning over
5 generations of American & global culture.

When Levi's were first brought out, their target audience was youths,
teenagers. Unfortunately as time went on, the teens that had
originally bought them grew older and Levis started losing its youth
market and sales fell so Levi's needed a new strategy. They planned
advertisements to appeal to a younger generation. Levi's were then
thought to be worn by working-class people for leisure-wear, or worn
by the middle-class as work-wear. The jeans had grown to be thought of
being boring, dull and unfashionable. They prepared to take on a new
image. Levi Strauss & Co. planned to breakdown the stereotypical
barrier that the public had built up regarding their jeans.

When Levi's first released this succession of commercials, they
planned to change the public's view towards jeans in general. Their
target audience was set. The idea was that they could recreate their
original reputation in the 1950's for the new generation. In the
1950's the Levi's brand was known for its original design, it's strong
hardwearing fabric and it was a symbol of American culture. Their
jeans were classic and stylish and above all, Levi's. Their new image
was sexy, stylish & sophisticated. They represented rebellion,
individuality and youth. To keep this idea their target audience was
teenagers, younger, fresher, with more money to spend. Young people
had their own spending power as consumers, following the hard times of
the war, when, it seemed, everyone had a lot more money than
anticipated and wanted to spend it on fashions and lifestyles. A new
group of people to suck into the ever expanding trade, looking for
heroes to follow, and interests to pursue, Levi's used this
opportunity and has drawn repeatedly on the idea of the 'rebel'.

Levi's new advertising campaign introduced a creative new idea,
involving a man and a woman recreating the impression of 50s America.
All the advertisements in this series revolved around this same idea
of people finding the person wearing the jeans desirable. The
scenarios ranged from launderettes to beaches, all featuring an
emphasis on physical attraction and most of them set in a public

However Levis didn't predict what sort of impact this commercial
campaign would bring to the population of teenagers....

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