Assessment Of Maracana Stadium Security Essay

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The ceremonies marking the opening and closing of Olympics games to be held in Brazil in 2016 will be conducted at the Maracana stadium. The final football match in the Olympic Games will also be held in this stadium. Initially after its construction in 1950, the Maracana stadium had a reputation of being the biggest stadium globally. Currently, the stadium is still held in high regards due to its design made up of elliptical framework that is nearly circular in shape. Maracana stadium is has two big rings tiers surrounding the playing field. In the 1950, the stadium was famous for being the most luxurious, in addition to its stringent security and functionality. The stadium has two big external flights that link the upper tiers with parks in the surrounding areas. This enables fast evacuation in case there is an emergency in the stadium. The stadium underwent major renovation in 1990s, which reduced its initial capacity that was two hundred thousand people. The stadium stands at a maximum height of twenty four meters (Thomas 2).
Maracana is located near major highways in Rio de Janerio, the stadium is also adjacent to the University de Rio de Janerio in the east. To the north the stadium is adjacent to a zoological garden. Metro stations and major hotels in Brazil are found within a radius of five miles from the stadium. All the streets in the vicinity of the stadium have one access road. Maracana has no roof covering its top i.e. it is an open air stadium. The stadium is being renovated to enable it accommodate eighty five thousand people by the time the Olympics will be held. The renovation will also entail expanding the roof of the stadium to enable the covering of all seats within the stadium, as opposed to the current situation whereby the roof only cover seats in certain areas (Thomas 4).
Threat Analysis
Maracana stadium is expected to host eighty five thousand people during the opening and closing ceremonies of Olympic the Olympic Games. In addition, the stadium will be full to capacity during the final Olympic football match that will be held in the stadium. The security of the Olympic officials, dignitaries, fans, players and other people who will be present at the stadium is important. Potential security risks can be identified through a comprehensive threat analysis. There are four techniques that are normally used to conduct threat analysis. These techniques include interviews, trend analysis, indicators showing changes in the environment, patterns and threat levels (Fein and Vossekuil 51). These four steps normally have their personal weakness and strengths, and therefore they are normally used in an integrated manner to give a complete picture of threats likely to be faced.
The first step of analyzing threats that is likely to be faced in the Maracana stadium is conducting interviews to gather wide information on the types of threats that have been reported in the stadium by Brazilian security official. Security officials...

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