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Assessment Of Mental Health Disorders: Oliver Queen In Arrow

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Arrow is about a rich, promiscuous young man named Oliver Queen, who becomes stranded on an island for five years before finally being rescued. After his return, Queen becomes a vigilante trying to protect his city, Starling City, against the corrupt businessmen that live there. Before being able to properly assess Queen from a psychological point of view, we must understand his character before, during, and after his accident. Queen suffered from many terrible psychological problems during his five years "alone" on an "abandoned" island and after finally returning home.
Before the crash Oliver Queen was a very privileged young man. Born on May 16th, 1985, he resided in an extravagant estate in Starling City, residing with him was sister, Thea, mother, Moira, and father, Robert Queen. His best friend from a very young age was Tommy Merlin. Through life, the duo was constantly getting into trouble that their parents were always getting them out of. When Oliver reached his early twenties, he met Laurel Lance, a young women bound and determined to get a license to practice law. They were going quite steady, which for Queen was a very big deal since he was known for being promiscuous, when Lance brought up the subject of moving in together. Queen agreed, but later decided otherwise. In an attempt to leave all responsibility behind Queen decided to take a trip with his father on their boat The Queen’s Gambit and for company he brought Laurel’s sister, Sara ("Green Arrow," 2014). Queen’s psychological journey jolted alive the second the boat started to sink.
Oliver and Sarah were together when the boat crashed. He watched as she was drug from the boat into the dark abyss. Oliver was also drug out of the boat, but managed to surface. Once atop he was hauled into a safety raft where he joined his father and the boat’s captain. Sara was nowhere to be seen.
The three men float aloft with only one bottle of water for many days. Robert knows that the three of them will not survive on only that, so Robert produces a gun he has been hiding and shoots Gus. Robert explains that Oliver must survive because he has the most to live for. Robert gives Oliver a small black leather bound book. He tells Oliver that he has “failed his city,” and Oliver is the only person who can fix it. Robert quickly, and without much clarity, explains that inside the book is the name of every “bad guy” in Sterling City that has also failed their city and needs to be eliminated. Quickly, after finishing his very brief speech Robert uses the second to last bullet left to shoot himself. Robert left Oliver to feel that the only way to justify his father’s death was to do as he had asked. But first, Oliver has to find land and survive.
Of course since Oliver is the protagonist of Arrow he inevitably finds land right as it seems all hope is lost. Oliver lands on Lian Yu, in English that translates to Purgatory, and immediately buries his father. For a few days Oliver tries to survive,...

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