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Huge, billboard signs advertising Osage Million Dollar Elm Casino line US 75 highway. "Live It Up at Million Dollar Elm”, these words could lead you to the “Experience of a Lifetime”. While some people attend movies or head to a bar for weekend entertainment, others flock to the Osage Million Dollar Elm Casino to try their luck. For some the atmosphere, people, and thrill of risk taking that the casino offers far outweigh the illusion of a get rich quick fantasy come true. Many gamblers consistently visit a casino for the same reason others hang at their favorite bar–entertainment. At first, I was skeptical about putting my hard-earned money into a slot machine, but as I have spent some time at Million Dollar Elm I have come to realize this casino can be an entertaining place. Overall, the Million Dollar Elm Casino can be the “Experience of a Lifetime” just like the billboard says.
The 42,000 square foot facility that is Osage Million Dollar Elm Casino is located about 13 miles southwest of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The building, owned by the Osage Indian Tribe, sets on a piece of land surrounded by a wild horse refugee out in the middle of nowhere. Thank goodness there are signs that can direct you to this location, but had they chosen a more feasible location, they might draw an even larger capacity of passers-by. Million Dollar Elm Casino is always buzzing with activity. As one travels towards Million Dollar Elm, the sparse, almost barren highway scenery is suddenly filled by the neon expanse of Million Dollar Elm Casino. As one approaches the entrance doors, one can experience the comforting sound of the waterfall, as if to calm the nerves before the excitement begins. No matter what the time, the parking lot always seems to be loaded with cars.
As you enter the casino, you are immediately challenged to take a risk in the high stakes room where most of the machines are $5-$10 with a couple of $25 denominations. If you are strong-willed and can avoid this temptation, you can make your way to a more reasonable area of play. The floor plan of the Million Dollar Elm is quite simple, all of the game tables, blackjack, poker, Texas Hold’Em, are set up in the middle, surrounded by the slot machines with the bar and buffet areas off-set to not interfere with the traffic of hustling and bustling gamblers. Million Dollar Elm Casino set up makes it easily accessible to get from one area to another in no time, leaving you with more time to gamble.
The atmosphere of the casino can be described as a constant in an environment where nothing is constant. This is a logical explanation to the fact that Million Dollar Elm Casino never closes. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, always willing to take your money with no guarantee of a return. No matter what time of day or night, there are always people gambling, working, and conversing within its walls. The constant interactions of the casino give the environment an...

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