Evaluation Of Performance Appraisal System Of National Bank Of Bahrain

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Table of contentsPage NoINTRODUCTION.........................................................................3INTRODUCTION OF NATIONAL BANK OF BAHRAIN (NBB)...............3THE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PROCESS................................4HRM PRACTICES WITHIN NBB......................................................5GENERAL HRM PRACTICES AT NBB.........................................5RPERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM WITHIN NB.....................8EVALUATION OF NBB'S EXISTING PERFORMANCE .......................9APPRAISAL SYSTEMRELEVANCE OF NBB'S PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL.......................10SYSTEM TO NBB'S PLANS AND GOALSEFFECTIVENESS OF NBB'S APPRAISAL SYSTEM ...........................12RECOMMENDATION AND IMPROVEMENTS .................................17BIBLIOGRAPHY........................................................................18INTRODUCTIONTheorists developed different models to describe the Human Resource Management (HRM) functions, Operations and practices within organizations. The effectiveness of the management process, and the development process of individuals and management within organizations differ from one organization to the other depending on the HRM practices within the organization, the culture being adopted by management, and the environment surrounding the organization. One important central policy within the HRM is the Appraisal system. Torrington (1998, p382) goes that the appraisal system is not a precise measurement but a subjective judgment....It is difficult to do , it is frequently done badly with quiet serious results".In this working paper, the author will carry out a critical analysis of the Performance Management & Appraisal system being used by the National Bank of Bahrain (NBB), which is a Bahrain based National Bank. Different models and frameworks will be used throughout the analysis to measure the effectiveness of the HRM practices within NBB, which in total have a direct influence in the overall performance of employees and management. Critically, the writer will recommend and justify some measures in the HRM practices that will lead to an improvement in the overall performance.INTRODUCTION OF NATIONAL BANK OF BAHRAIN (NBB)NBB was founded in 1957, as the first local owned bank in Bahrain. The bank is owned 49% by the Government of Bahrain, and the other 51% by private shareholders mainly Bahraini Nationals and firms. NBB is a provider of commercial and retail banking services in Bahrain through a nationwide network of 25 branches and 35 automatic teller machines (ATMs).Market-driven and customer-led, the bank harnesses the latest technology to people skills, enabling its more than 500 employees, which make it, the largest bank in terms of employees and branch network in the country to deliver highly professional services for retail and corporate customers, financial institutions and government organizations.Before 1987, the bank did not have any formal strategic plans. After this date however, the...


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