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Evaluation Of Product Purchase In Teams Of Methodology To Obtain Quality.

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Quality Management AssignmentThis assignment is asking to evaluate of product purchase in teams of methodology to obtain Quality.Task 1The organisation success often hinges on the most appropriate selected the right supplier.Making better decisions when selecting suppliers, products and services can make a huge impact on an organization's bottom line. When purchased goods and services do not meet the needs and expectations of your organization (and in some instances the needs and expectations of your customers), the result may include1:Lower productivity, quality and serviceLost business and business opportunitiesMissed deadlines or time wasted waiting for replacements/repairsOver payment for inferior goods/servicesTherefore, it quotesA basic selection process is based on the methodology below.Definition of need -At the very beginning of the process is to identifying the need, where it stems out of research and development, growing product line, or other reasons. "The person recognizes the need should be able to work with the purchasing department to identify the specifics of the product needed." (Leenders et al., 1989) otherwise, if we do not understanding the problem/needs, how can we identity the requirement of the supplier/ solution of the particular problem.Source, Product, and Location Identification -It can be done by doing a search on the national trade agent (e.g. UK Trade & Investment, Department of Trade and Industry), from these sources we can identify all the information we need about the countries or regions where the product is produced or found in the case of basic raw material. And also internet, media and some professional magazine is equally important. It's because some of the small company ("group of people actually" - which just starting their business) they may not be register as a company yet, but they do got a very good link to the developing country to supply you the material you need at a competitive price. And very often they will put their information on the net rather than the trading agent.Supplier EvaluationThe following is a list of criteria that are often used when making purchasing decisions and in measuring supplier performanceProduct QualityserviceUnit PriceCompany reputation/ Supplier performanceDelivery timeFinance positionOutside environmentProduct qualityQuality- There is no absolute answer about what is quality, but it may be defined as the "those feature of products which meet customer needs and customer satisfaction.2 or can be simplifier as "a degree of excellence..." (Webster) 2Most of the time, Quality and Price will ranked at the top of the consideration. The capability of the supplier to provide the good quality of product is essential. Beside that, we need to investigate supplier quality assurance and have a strong commitment for preventing quality failures. The certification of ISO 9000 is a proof of a level of quality which the product itself have been controlled to provide the highest...

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