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Assessment Of Technological Proficiencies Essay

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Technology Infusion

The current trends in improving educational achievement address specific concerns that focus on increasing student’s achievement. Teachers, administrators, parents and community stakeholders want the educational environment conducive for learning. The use of technology will assist students in the workplace and increase their high order thinking skills needed to effectively function in our global society. Harvey –Woodall (2009) suggests that educators of the 21st century must become knowledgeable of different facets of technology available for the classroom to enhance instruction. It is important to note that the use of technology in the classroom can foster learning and improve student’s critical and reflective thinking skills. Teachers and administrators should select materials and technology that are developmentally appropriate and designed to engage the interest in learning. An effective leader has a vision of learning and allows students to set individual goals and plans to reach these goals; the use of technology can increase students’ success.
Since the educational reform of No Child Left Behind, educators have struggled to meet the learning standards set by their state and federal government. High academic
standards in all core curriculum areas and accountability through assessment are an important aspect in the educational arena. A possible solution in meeting the learning standards is students’ active engagement in the classroom. This engagement encourages learners to appreciate their learning abilities. Educators can fully support student’s learning by using technology and provide a full integration of technology in the classroom.
Technology, as a tool to support student learning, can give all students, the opportunity to meet basic skills in the core academic areas and apply those skills in project-based activities,
using video, the Internet and other web-based tools.
Teachers who successfully deliver instruction with integrity that fosters quality thinking, have a positive attitude about the use of technology, and encourage students to educate themselves; this process leads to the development of metacognitive skills. The integration of technology empowers students to create and problem solve through active engagement, manipulation, and examination of ideas. Joseph (2010) stresses how significant positive effects of self- reflective learning stimulate the improvement of metacognitive skills. Metacognition includes the cognitive processes needed to understand the learning strategies. Many researchers find that these skills help individuals explore and monitor their progress. Individuals who are megacognitive can create their own understanding and use multiple intelligences to perform effectively. Researchers identify how students gain knowledge through the use of critical thinking especially when the skills are applied to real world situations. Rogers (1990) discusses...

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