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Evaluation Of The Effectiveness Of The Opening Of Minority Report

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Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Opening of Minority Report

The genre of this film is a modern Sci-Fi movie that deals with the
issue of fate and free will. It is in the future because it says the
date at the start of the film. The film deals with the issue of free
will and fate because the police have a department of 'pre crime' and
they can see into the future with there new machine. Next they find
the person who might commit the crime and do a test, but sometimes the
machine goes wrong. If the test is positive then an arrest is made
which could change the course of the world. This makes the audience
think if the police are doing the right thing because they may save
lives but what would of happened if the police didn't make the arrest?

The lighting of the film is very effective. At the police station
there are lots of dark colours such as black, blue and silver this
giving a sense of fear and robots. I fear when I see blacks and blues
because they give a sense of fear because they are usually associated
with bad and not especially nice people. Also I feel that it gives a
sense of greater power, higher than humans and we can't control it.
Aswell it gives across darkness and many people are scared of that.
What I mean when I write a sense of robots I mean the way the story is
lead for us because the film shows what is going to happen but can we
humans avoid this by making our own decisions and choices. If life is
really like this then we would not be able to make any choices because
they are all lead for us and we just have to follow something that has
to happen. Life as a robot would not be good for there is no free
will, or maybe we are controlled by something or someone?

Like most modern films this has lots of quick snappy editing from one
moment to the next. At the very start is some good editing where there
are pictures on top of pictures with a kissing scene and scissors all
intertwined as one. There is also a lot of cutting between facial
expressions and moving bodies all lapping over each other making the
audience confused and inquisitive to know what is happening. I feel
that it is good because you get an insight of what is happening, but
the audience has no real idea what is going on. It is only until you
see this screen that Tom Cruise is working on that you can see what is
happening. There is also a lot of cutting in this film from what Tom
Cruise is seeing and what is happening in 'real' time. In the opening
clip for example you have you have the man murdering on screen then
you have the quiet family scene where everything is happening
normally. I feel that this quick editing gives the audience a chance
to play along...

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