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Assigment 1 Essay

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Education in the U.S. has been always a setting where students develop their creativity encompass with the technological and economic progress of a first world country. Every year, all educational institutions have been obligated to demonstrate the progress of their students by standardized tests, implement of new technology, and complete multiple requirements. In January 2002, George W. Bush signed into law the No Child Left Behind legislation that brought extensive criticism from the political point of view as well the educational institutions. Many people argue that the NCLB imposed more federal control over the local institutions in order to promote more equality of opportunity than the ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, in order to receive some federal funds and being in compliance with NCLB act that mandates states to test students in reading, mathematics and science, “Individual schools, school districts and states must publicly report test results in the aggregate and for specific student subgroups, including low-income students, students with disabilities, English language learners, and major racial and ethnic groups” (Foundation, 2013), all of these with the intention to provide the equality of education to all. However, what are the outcomes of these practices in the real teaching world?
First, “a concern is that test scores for these (specific groups) students will affect calculations of adequate yearly progress (AYP) and have a negative effect on local school report cards (Spring, 2014, p. 229). Second, States with greater proportions of minority students implement accountability systems will exert greater pressure. This suggests that any problems associated with high- stakes testing will disproportionately affect America’s minority students (p. 232). Therefore, Schools in which students have wealthy parents and a good school support; they will score high on these tests; as a result, they are going to be awarded economically. Funds that according to Spring (2014) “were targeted for reading and arithmetic programs that would supposedly provide equality of educational opportunity for students from low income families.”
On the other hand, schools that proportionally have more students of low-income families, students with disabilities, or students from other countries with limited English language will have lower scores. Consequently, the institution will receive negative label such as unacceptable, and their teachers and administrators can be threatened with loss of jobs. Without mention that students will be penalized for failing the test. They may get less time to learn and they will spend more time for test preparation, it will increase the chances to test anxiety, students can be held back or drop from school due to the intense...

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