Assigment Is About My Expereince At Work Graduate Reflective

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Course Title: PG DIP Nursing Adult
Cohort: September 2015
Module Number: NS 604
Module Title: Learning for Life
Assignment Title: Enhanced Curriculum Vitae
Due Date: 8th December 2015
Word Count: 3062
The main purpose of this essay is to reflect on my employment background and work experience. The skills and achievements encountered throughout my career will be presented in order to support the importance of reflection. According to Boud et al (1985) reflection is a vital human activity in which people evoke their experience, think about it, contemplate over and evaluate. Furthermore, some of Gibbs (1988) reflective stages will be explored in order support this reflection on my own working experiences.
The essay will also establish how my life experiences have developed my skills, knowledge and understanding and will be linked to the Nursing and Midwifery (NMC, 2010) standards for competence domains. These includes professional values, communication and interpersonal skills, nursing practice and decision making and leadership management and teamwork in injunction to the code of practice (NMC ,2015). I will also tackle on my limitations, strengths and weakness. A full document of my curriculum vitae (CV) will be attached in the appendix.
Professional Values is the first domain all nurses need to adhere to according to NMC (2010) and Reading and Webster (2014). Both emphasise the importance of nurses being responsible for keeping their knowledge and skills up to date through ongoing professional development. Reading and Webster (2014) clearly argues that all nurses need to show their professionalism and work within the recognised professional ethical and authorised frameworks. My previous role, as a Human resource administrator required high professional conduct and behaviour at all times, when dealing with employees and customers. Such conduct came in accordance with the company’s ethical policy. My responsibilities included ensuring that employees’ wages, working hours, leave, and sickness were managed correctly. This required me to be up to date with my training which was ongoing due to changes in company’s policy.
One of the values noted by Reading and Webster (2014) is the importance of nurses being able to work in partnership with other health and social care professional agencies, service users, their advocates and families in all circumstances in order to promote good service provision and health outcomes. While working as an administrator, consultation and sharing of information with other team members proved vital when there was a query that I could not resolve. Dealing with such queries demanded calm, respect, non-judgemental and supportive to all parties involved. This is supported by Gallop (1998) who recommends that professionalism must be shown at all times for the clients to be able to have trust in you.
On reflection, this domain simply explains all the skills that are needed for one to become a...

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