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Assignment 1

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The vase appears to be made of pottery, originating from mined clay. Though, from the limited view I have, it could possibly be some sort of metal due to the shiny surface I see in Figure 1. I can also see that the vase has been painted black, and ‘drawings’ have been painted in red, making this a ‘red-figured’ vase. The vase is revealed to be made from pottery, and it is 39.37 centimetres in height (The British Museum 2014).

It has an open mouth, a thinner neck, and a very wide body that thins out into the foot. There are two handles – one on either side. There is also red paint around the mouth and foot of the vase on the outside (and possibly on the inside; there seems to be chipped red ...view middle of the document...

The finished product would then be sent to a shop, market or other selling outlet. Many tourist and interested buyers would have seen it, maybe even handled it. The vase was then taken by a buyer, presumably to his or her home, but possibly to a public venue or gathering place. It would have been sold for very little then, and viewed as quite common.

Attic vases had many uses. It could have been used as jewellery storage or as decoration, but this vase is about the right size to have functioned as liquid storage, and the figure of the symposion on one side suggests that it would have carried alcohol. In this case, the vase would have spent some years storing and pouring alcohol. It could have had many users, many homes and many owners. Some time later – maybe decades, maybe centuries – I would assume it was lost. I don’t believe it is probable to have been passed down, or kept in safe condition for over 2000 years. It was excavated in or around the 18th century (I predict) in Vulci, Italy. After excavation it was most likely cleaned and documented. The value of this item will has increased dramatically by this time, and would have been seen as uncommon and sentimentally valuable. Somehow it made its way to Princess Bonaparte of Canino, who either bought it or was given it as a gift. She may have used it, but it is more...

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