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Part 1: Grammar

He's just gone out (Pre-intermediate)

a). Analysis of Meaning:

He was here, but left a short time ago.

Just - short time ago (Murphy Raymond, English Grammar in Use, Intermediate, Cambridge University Press, 2003)

b). Conveying Meaning:

My husband left his office 10 minutes ago. I called his office now. His secretary said, "He's just gone out."

c). Checking meaning:

Is my husband at office now? (No)

Was he at his office a short time ago? (Yes)

Did he leave a long time ago? (No)

d). Form:

He's just gone out

Present Perfect Simple with just

In the present perfect, 'just' comes between the auxiliary verb ('have') and the past participle.

He + has + Just + gone out

Subject + has/have + time adverb+ past participle+out

e). Phonology:

He's just gone out

Has is contracted to 's


Student's might not say the contracted 's. they might just say he and not say he's.

He's just gone out

/ Hi:z dʒʌst ɡɒn aʊt /

If only I hadn't said that (Upper intermediate)

a). Analysis of Meaning:

I have said something that I regret saying. Now I wish I had not said it.

If only is used to talk about regrets-things we would like to change about the past or the present.

If only is used to say that we would like things to be different (Swan Michael, Practical , Oxford University Press, 2005)

b). Conveying meaning:

My friend and I went shopping yesterday. My friend asked me for my opinion on how she looked in a dress. I told her she looked fat in it. My friend got upset with me and is not talking to me now. If only I hadn't said that my friend looked fat in the dress, then she would still be talking to me.

c). Checking meaning:

Did I say something that I shouldn't have? (Yes)

Do I regret it now? (Yes)

Did it happen in the past? (Yes)

d). Form:

If only + subject + had not + Past participle + that

e). Phonology:

Had not is contracted to hadn't.

Students might not say the contracted form. I will drill hadn't chorally and individually.

If only I hadn't said that.

/ɪf ˈəʊnli aɪ ˈhæd(ə)nt sed ðæt/

I used to find the local food too hot, but now I'm used to it (Intermediate)

a). Analysis of...

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