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Assignment 1 Part B:

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Assignment 1 Part B:

It is imperative that all educators implement a holistic and inclusive curriculum into their daily classroom practices, in order to recognise the different learning styles of their students and develop instructional approaches that will accommodate these styles. Through creating responsive and inclusive classrooms, teachers are acknowledging the presence of culturally diverse students and the need for these students to find relevant connections amongst themselves, the curriculum and their daily tasks. This essay will discuss how educators can use inclusive strategies to ensure students’ within a Year 3 class, have equal access to the curriculum and learning experiences. ...view middle of the document...

His vocabulary is limited and he struggles with expressive and receptive language. This impacts upon his ability to socially interact and speak in front of others. The child’s reluctancy to verbalise his understanding and questioning, limits his class involvement and interactions. When dealing with numeracy, the child expresses difficulties in understanding larger numbers and place value. Thus, it is imperative that the classroom teacher familiarises the learning needs of this child as his IEP, prior to any curriculum planning. Once the learning needs are identified, the classroom teacher can make the appropriate adjustments and identify the differentiation tools need to successfully support this child in an inclusive environment (Heward, 2013).

As the child is working two years below level, it is essential that the teacher implements major adjustments to the curriculum, assessment and teaching pedagogy. The teacher must differentiate the curriculum by constantly using verbal and visual clues and constantly check for understanding throughout lessons, by asking the child to repeat back what they just heard (Heward, 2013). Research, (Polloway, Patton & Serna, 2013), suggests that teachers should repeat and rephrase when necessary and emphasise key words, whilst reducing the complexity of language. Through this approach, the teacher can model and use concrete examples to allow the child to process and understand content and information. Furthermore, the teacher must scaffold each learning task and ensure that the activities are broken down into smaller and more manageable ‘chunks’ for the child (Heward, 2013). Adjustments to assessment, necessitates the teacher to allow the use of specialised equipment to accommodate his disability, such as using a keyboard to type rather than handwriting. Teachers should provide a ‘scribe’ to produce an exact transcription of the child’s responses to assessment items and allow additional time to complete assessable tasks such as written tests or assignments. Thus, this will allow the child the opportunity to demonstrate his knowledge and skills through a differentiated task. Finally, the teacher must endeavour to teach functional skills such as shopping or paying bills whilst considering alternative ways of demonstrating his competency in assessment tasks; for example, for an oral task, the child may speak into a recording and play it back to the class, rather than present in front of his peers (Department of Education, 2014). Through the implementation of these varied approaches, the classroom teacher is supporting and catering for this child in the most appropriate learning environment.

The visually impaired student is consolidating their knowledge and skills whilst working at a Year 3 level, whereas the hearing impaired student performs above year level. There is no current IEP for these students, however, the desired outcomes are to increase academic performance whilst enhancing their social and emotional...

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