Assignment 1 Reflective Essay

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Assignment 1
Reflective Essay: Submit a reflective essay based on your personal learning journal which focuses on your experience of being assessed and its implications for the assessment process in treatment agencies.
I was assessed for risk after a particular violent episode with my abusive partner, by the social services, and then again by border house, a shelter for abused women.
My partner Matt, was addicted to amphetamines, and drank heavily, he also suffered from depression and would often sleep all day, and be up all night, and this annoyed me because it left me dealing with our four children alone. One particular morning we had an argument about him getting up, it was getting ...view middle of the document...

And I wasn’t sure if this was the best course of action but I did need to check out my options, and as the only one I had was to return to an abusive home or find out about this other assumed safer option. I was given bus fair to travel to the shelter and the name of the person I was to see after an appointment was made.
The shelter was a long way from my home and as I was waiting to be seen I over heard two of the residents talking about beating another resident up, this made me feel even more anxious about my decision to leave my home and take my children with me and I started to cry and shake. By the time the lady came to me I was in a state of distress. She offered tissues and asked what the matter was and I explained what had just happed and she responded that the shelter had strict rules on violence towards other residence, and would not be tolerated, I still felt really nervous. she explained what the shelter did that I would be in one room with my 4 children that there was beds and a small kitchen in the room it sounded very claustrophobic to me, I felt extremely distressed at the idea and felt going home seemed the safer more comfortable option, this seemed to go un noticed as he lady proceeded to ask questions from a form. I didn’t feel very assured that this was the best option for me I was thinking that maybe I could try reasoning with my partner, maybe he would be sorry, maybe he could leave and the children could stay in there home.
The form was quite long and the questions very personal, I had already explained the circumstances which bought me there, both to social services and to the lady questioning me. I felt very tired and upset; she asked if my partner had ever been violent to the children? He hadn’t. This confirmed in my mind that it wasn’t so bad at home; the children were not physically at harm. Had he been violent towards me previously? He had but I had felt previously that...

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