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Career and technical education teachers teach students the skills and knowledge they need to know to enter into a occupation. Usually these teachers need a bachelor’s degree, however they can have an associate’s degree or just a high school diploma. They also need work experience for what they’re teaching. The average pay for a career and technical teacher is $51,910 per year.
Musicians are people who play music, or sing, for a live audience or for a recording. They do not need to have a specific degree, but many have a bachelor’s degree. It is possible to be a musician with only a high school diploma. Musicians often play in concert halls, arenas, clubs, etc. The median pay for a musician is $23.50 per hour.
Photographers are able to use their creativity to preserve an image that tells a story or event. Photographers may work in a studio, travel, or even work in a laboratory. They do not need a secondary education, but many take classes. It also depends on they type of photographer, for example a scientific photographer will need a bachelor’s degree. They usually make about $13.70 an hour, and $28,490 a year.
Artists are able to use their creativity to make different kinds of objects. There are many types of artists; those that build things with their hands, those that design the things that others build, and those that create art digitally. Most artists have a bachelor’s degree and their pay can range anywhere from $23,810 to $80,880 a year, depending on the type of artist.
Computer programmers create the code for software in a way that the computer can understand. Usually another person designs the software, and the programmer is the one who makes it work. There are different programming languages that they must know in order to make the code. Computer programmers usually have a bachelor’s degree, but some are hired with an associate’s degree. They usually make $35.71 per hour and $74,280 per year.
Computer technicians provide support for...

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