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The Volkswagen Group, known as the People’s Car, has been a very successful company since the beginning of its foundation back in 1937. (Volkswagen is founded, 2014) The Volkswagen Group is well known for its achievement of being one of the world leaders in the auto making industry. Volkswagen is also identified as the corporate Volkswagen Group, but there is also the co-brand that is consisted of twelve other car makers such as Audi and Porsche. The marketing mix of this company has focused on producing various types of vehicles that can respond to all its customers’ needs. The Volkswagen product offers from small vehicles such as the VW Golf, to medium vehicles such as the VW Jetta and to bigger vehicles such as the WV Tiguan. The price of purchasing a Volkswagen vehicle depends on many factors such as the product type, the engine size, the fuel type, customization and also the location. Currently, Volkswagen has 106 manufactures all around the world and also sells its products in 153 countries. (Volkswagen, 2013) The Volkswagen’s main promotional strategy implements the financing options to the consumers when they want to purchase a Volkswagen vehicle.
The Volkswagen vehicles are categorized as luxury exported vehicles that are affordable for the buyers. The vehicles were developed to accommodate the needs of the customer such as the comfort level of the seats and by maximizing the space in the vehicles. The company has focused on presenting high quality vehicle to provide safety and power on the road. However, there are still many challenges and opportunities that Volkswagen could change in order to reposition itself in the market. That reason is strongly believed since Volkswagen has many competitors in this market. There is the Toyota automaker that is considered the world leader in the auto industry and there is also Honda that is a high seller for its low prices on vehicles. It may appear that for the past few years, Volkswagen has gone down for its operating production. In order for Volkswagen to come back in the market with a stronger position, Volkswagen should develop a new marketing strategy that would increase efficient communication with the general public. By having a new communicative approach, Volkswagen will be able to keep a stronger relationship with its stakeholders, employees and its long-term consumers while communicating its brand effectively.

Introduction to Brand Audit
Volkswagen has many outstanding qualities, but it is also important for them to maintain their core values and to keep good relationships with the stakeholders. The company should be conscious that its direct competitors may have advantage on the marketing approach to promote their brand which means that they should review their marketing strategy for Volkswagen.
The Core Values of Volkswagen
As a global carmaker, Volkswagen is well known for its high brand reputation since the company has strong core values of their branding. The company has three...

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