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Adding Value To The Problem Solving Perspective

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Problem solving is part of every organization strategic management functions whether the organization is functional in structure or a large decentralized type of organization; problems exist and management ought to find appropriate problem solving mechanism in order to deal with them. “Adding value to the problem-solving perspective (PSP)” written by Herman A Van Den Berg argues on the elements of a firm emphases to opportunity or value which he claims are emerged by a problem. In addition, Berg critiques that the PSP is deficient and he attempts to fill in the gap by adding value to the framework. He develops a formula to assist in calculating the total net value (Berg, 2013).
Throughout the Journal, Berg credits the various sources; and utilizes three main literatures to formulate his argument. Although, he clearly illustrates his views and breaks down the Journal into four sections; the information seem redundant and he mentions very little of on how the value, valuable opportunity and value-price-cost are all affected by the initial design of the organization such as its structure and type of business (product/service based). Berg excellently paraphrases throughout his work and all utilized sources are referred. Unfortunately, the Journal has an excess number of sources which may seem difficult to decipher his own words from other sources as most of his sentences end with a source.
The Journal seems to lack reference to problem-solving for organizations which provide services; and where computing for possible solutions or opportunities are not as strength forward. This argumentative piece aims to utilize Berg’s Journal to alert on the inadequacy of problem-solving perspective in relation to its usage by specific type of organizations. Especially considering that not all problems would be able to be solved through the use of a numeric formula. Furthermore, in order to effectively implement any type of problem-solving mechanism one must be able to identify the problem and solution must be relevant to the type of organization.
Robbins and DeCenzo defined problem as “a discrepancy between an existing and desired state of affairs (Robbin and DeCenzo, 2010). Hence, problem-solving is a very important element of management function and is a part of the organization planning mechanism. Berg’s Journal emphasizes the importance of gathering sufficient and relevant information to indentify and define the problem. However, the Journal centralizes in the formula that may be used to problem-solving which fails to cater to service-oriented organizations, especially not applicable to non-profit organization.
During my tenure in a non-profit organization, the real potential problem was the lack of donors’ attention to the organization. The organization struggle because proper planning strategy was not in placed which was detrimental. As a result, this added to its turnover and even worst, lack of...

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