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Assignment 2

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For a majority of people, their earliest childhood memory is nothing more than a fragment of something that happened when they were three to four years old. This fragment in some way, shape, or form must have been important in some way if it was the one memory remembered out of the countless number hidden away in the deep trenches of the mind. My mind seems to have chosen the fragment of a memory from when I was about three or four, yet, I cannot absolutely guarantee if this is correct. I may have been a year or two older or perhaps even a year younger. In fact, I have a number of memories from my adolescence that according to my parents and those who were close to me at the time I remembered incorrectly. These memories felt so authentic and substantial it was difficult for me to recognize that they were not necessarily true. Despite this, I have come to realize that I do have one memory that I know is true, that is backed up by film, eyewitness accounts, and record keeping. This memory, as fragmented as it might be is a story fit for the ages. It portrays images of hard work, of glory, of cunning adaptability and of victory.
It began on a cloudy Saturday morning, and I was running. The rain from the night before had made the grass beneath my feet wet and slick. I had fallen multiple times on this surface and my clothes were stained and muddy. I continued to strain. Where was I running too? How far had I run today? I stopped. Took in my surroundings. What am I searching for? Then I saw it. In all its splendor. Surrounded by a group of kids my own age in blue and yellow jerseys. They kicked at it relentlessly. It never moved, it appeared stuck in time, cemented to the ground. Then Thomas came, the biggest kid I had ever seen. Wearing the same color navy blue jersey as me, Thomas ran to it and kicked it towards me as hard as I had seen a kid ever kick something. It rolled to my feet. “Go Neil! Go!” I could hear my mother shouting. I obeyed. I ran as fast as I could and kicked it as far as I could. I entered the white box, a kid in a yellow jersey tried to take it from me but I was too fast from him. Another yellow jersey assassin tried to push me away from it, but I was too strong. I saw a blue flash out of the corner of my eye, it was Zach, waving to me as though he wanted something from me. Pass it? Give up all I had worked for these past ten seconds? Never. This was my time to shine. I ignored Zach’s hectic waving and continued on. I had reached the point of no return, only one stood between me and grandeur. The thief came towards me at an angle arms extended trying to narrow the space between us. How dare he attempt to stop my shine! I swung as hard as I could and it flew right past his hands, out of his reach into the net. I jumped with excitement. Cheers and yells from the sideline where my parents sat, hand fives from the teammates, a pat on the back from coach. I was victorious and forever a champion.
My earliest memory that I am also very...

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