Information Systems And Unemployment Essay

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Should companies be responsible for unemployment caused by their information system? This argument had risen over the years among employer and employees. Hence several ethical point of view had been brought up to response to this issue where from ethical egoism point of view believes that companies should not be responsible for unemployment as with information system implemented they are able to benefit from a long term profit therefore this is a morally right action. On the other hand, act utilitarianism believes that an action is wrong to the extent that it decreases the total happiness of the affected parties and in this case it will causes a lot of upsets towards the employees and therefore it is believed that companies are responsible for their unemployment. With all these ethical theory rising up, Kantianism theory will be chosen to discussed throughout this article to respond to the issue.
Early growth in computer processing had little effect on jobs, But as year goes by artificial intelligent had evolve to a point where it is able to think like a human, as more and more large amount of new skills were being captured. With these robots, automation or software it is possible to replace people who’s worked in manufacturing industry, service industry or even agriculture industry. Since the notable advancement in computing technology which moves from improved industrial robotics to automated translation service. Andrew McAfee believes that these transition had becoming the reasons behind the sluggish employment growth of the last 10 to 15 years as the rapid technological change has been destroying job faster than it is creating them. (Andrew McAfee, 2012)
Kantianism is a deontological ethical theory that concludes that the only good thing in the world that can be called good without qualification is a good will. (Michael J.Quinn, 2003) This bring us back to the issue where should companies be responsible for unemployment caused by their information system. From Kantianism perspective, companies should be responsible for unemployment as Kantianism theory had pointed out that when ones struggles between what ones’ want to do and what ones’ ought to do, what ones’ want to do is no longer important. Ones should only focus on what ones’ ought to do (Michael J.Quinn, 2003). Therefore, the discussion below will look into several Categorical Imperative formulation that were proposed by Kant to have an in depth view to determine whether companies should or should not be responsible for from Kantianism perspective.
Categorical Imperative first formulation poses the basic conception of fairness and universalizability where there will be a consistent law that were tailored for everyone and there cannot be one rule for me and another for everyone else. For examples, if a company starts to retrench employees that were caused by their information system and felt that it is ok for that company to retrench their employees by doing so companies will be...

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