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The students I have chosen are from the elementary level course. These two women (whose real names were omitted), were interviewed about their educational background as well as about their needs to improve their English skills. I named these students as Ana and Bruna. They have been observed along the period from September 26th to October 10th.Ana's backgroundAna is a 35-year-old Brazilian woman who didn't attend college and at the moment works as a systems analyst. She studied English two years ago for a short period at an Institute of Languages. She also knows some Spanish because of her job. She has to communicate with South American countries, but at the moment English it is her priority. She is engaged to improve her English because she has a lot of friends abroad and to boost his employment opportunities, besides that, she likes listening to American songs and watching some American movies as well.Ana's learning style and classroom behaviorAna has the kinesthetic learner style and sometimes visual too. I have noticed this during some classes. She needed to keep eye-contact with the teacher so that she could be able to follow the target language as well as the instructions. If the teacher starts to drill the target language her eyes needs to keep seeing the teacher. She gets bored easily and sometimes she prefers to watch her mobile during the class meanwhile the teacher presents the target language. This was something that she told me. She waits for the follow-up activities or pair-work activities so that she can walk around the classroom or even change her place to start a speaking practice. Although, she also enjoys when there are songs that she can sing in a way to catch the meaning of its lyrics. According to her, it's a way to develop her listening and speaking skills. Sometimes when she tries to follow the teacher when he/she explains the instructions there is some words she can't understand, but for some reason she remains quiet instead for asking to repeat it. Then she asks for some classmate so that she can follow the activity.She is really motivated to learn.Bruna's backgroundBruna is a 22-year-old Brazilian woman who studies at Santa Marcelina College and also works in a factory which produces air conditioning products. She intends to become a nurse. In 2012 she studied for three months at an Institute of Languages. Her mother tongue is Portuguese, but she also knows German. Between English and German, English it's her second language . She likes English very much and her interest is related to her next occupation as a nurse after graduating. According to her a bilingual nurse earns more money and gets a better position than a nurse who only speaks Portuguese.Bruna's learning style and classroom behaviorI noticed that she is a visual learner. When pictures were shown on the board, she watched closely as well as when the teacher elicited and started drilling the language. She always tried to make eye-contact with the teacher so...

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743 words - 3 pages Group:Nguyễn Thị Minh HuyềnĐỗ Thị Hoài ThươngTrần Thuý VânTăng Thị ThuNguyễn Thị PhượngOUTLINE OF RESEARCHTopic : MethodologyTitle: Common errors made by students in photographs part 1 in Toeic Listening TestResearch questions- What are the common errors that students often make?- What are the reasons why these errors are made?Instruments

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