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Do you believe that because Canada is a multicultural society that there is no racism? While the idea of inclusion and buried racism is what one might hope for, the realities of Canada’s national policy when experienced is quiet opposite than the messages expressed though text and other media outlets. Canada is suppose to be a multicultural society which includes all races and cultural backgrounds, everyone is suppose to be included and accepted in our group instead there are instances of discrimination and marginalization to certain racialized groups that have entered Canada the land that is promised to be of freedom and inclusion for all. Multiculturalism is a fundamental characteristic of ...view middle of the document...

” (Sufrin 2013). In Indian Horse Saul faces marginality based on his race in a number of ways. An instance of marginality is when he plays hockey on the various teams he joins such as the Moose, and the Marilee’s. Before Saul is accepted by them, there is constant challenges that he goes through whether it be that he is too young to play, too small or just taking somebodies spot. “Everywhere we went I was greeted with laughter because I was too young and so small (Wagamese 111). Continuing, Saul is seen spending most part of the Hockey games on the margins. “ I hung back and watched them as I usually did” (Wagamese 124). Instead of being on the ice playing with the rest of his team mates he is away from the center and off to the margins just observing, not being a part of but excluded from the main events. Another marginal act is when his team the moose could not sit inside the restaurant. As a result of trying to eat inside this restaurant just as any Canadian citizen they were told by a group of white Canadian men “ You wanna eat here you gotta fight for it” (Wagamese 134). They had to fight to eat in society that is suppose to have inclusion for all, this was not the only treatment they received, this is seen in the text when Virgil said, “ They pissed on us Saul” (Wagamese 135). These are members of the Canadian culture who are pushed to the edge of society when they excluded and treated very negatively from doing a simple task such eating at a restaurant only because of the color of their skin.
Similarly, In Obasan Naomi and Aunt Emily’s family of a Japanese decent were also marginalized based on their race. Because of their cultural background the government pushed the Japanese people from a place of integration with others in the Canadian culture and alienated them away from the center into the margins of society. “They were shipped off to road- work camps and concentration camps in the interior of the province” (Kogawa 83). As a people that were suppose to be welcomed into a country with rights and inclusion for all they, however they quickly found that they were being sent away from their place of residents, from the rest of Canada’s’ dominant society, this inevitably created a us verse “them” environment. Continuing, the unfair treatment of the Canadian citizens by the government in an attempt to further exclude the citizens from our society is seen when Aunt Emily states, “ They took away the land, the stores, the businesses, the boats, the houses-everything. Broke up our families, told us who we could see, where we could live, what we could do, what time we could leave our houses, censored our letters, exiled us for no crime. They took our livelihood-" (Kogawa 38). The Japanese descendants and Canadian Japanese is understood to be marginalization at its finest because they are not white and were seen to be unwelcomed in Canada’s dominant white country. To add, “There was one friendly letter in the Province protesting the taking away...

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Assignment 3

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Assignment 3

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