Assignment 3: Plan For Recruiting And Training Correctional Staff

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Correctional staff members must possess a certain mentality to work within our prisons walls. High turn over rates as well as a lack of new recruits can be attributed to low pay verses high risk (North Carolina Department of Public Safety, 2014). Employee satisfaction must be increased if we are to keep current staff members or to successfully recruit new members.
As of 2008 our prisons are home to approximately 2.3 million people (Aizenman, 2008). Our correctional staff numbers are not meeting the demand. If we are to meet the increase in prison populations we must find a way to address the issues that are causing this deficiency. An overhaul of current recruiting policies and salary ranges is necessary if we are to encourage an increase in applicants. Maintaining professionalism while enhancing puclic safety should be our ultimate goal; therefore, our recruitment strategies need to reflect this.
The average salary for a correctional officer in the United States is $40,412.00 annually (International Business Machines Corporation, 2014). This equates to a little over $19.00 an hour for a 40 hour week. Considering that a correction officers duties entail responsibility for individuals who are arrested and awaiting trial or who are already incarcerated, may be extremely violent, and have mental disabilities makes this number disproportionate to the risks they take on a daily basis. A corrections officers job is dangerous. This fact, coupled with inadequate compensation, gives cause to the loss of a number of good men and women each year (United States Department of Labor, 2014).
To obtain a position as a correctional officer most states, if not all, require an individual to attend a training academy. Academy training courses generally require a specific number of hours and cover inmate classification procedures, contraband, booking, receiving, negotiating,

Assignment 3: Plan for Recruiting and Training Correctional Staff
interpersonal communications, professionalism, as well as firearm training among others (The Academy: South Bay Regional Public Safety Training, 2014). In order to enter such a training program most states require a high school diploma; although, law enforcement or military experience can often be substituted. Federal corrections generally has a higher standard requiring a bachelors degree as well as an certain amount of work experience and will usually require a higher number of training hours to include specialized training (United States Department of Labor, 2014).
Safety concerns are a major component of training programs as well they should be due to the high risk involved in the correction officers job duties. In addition to beind exposed to some of the most hazardous of humankind they are also subject to the weaponry inmates can obtain or create. Inmates have been known to develop weapons out of even the most seemingly innocent of materials. Inmate against inmate assaults are higher than those of inmate...

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