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Assignment 3: Challenges In Identifying Mental Disorders

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To understand, or not to understand…that is the question. People live fairly normal, adaptive or with mental disorders, it would be a great task to understand thus.

This paper is a short APA formatted reflective essay on my research determining, why abnormal behavior or a mental disorder so difficult to understand.

When discussing or defining what is abnormal we can run into some challenges on our techniques in defining or diagnosing a patient. There are so many ways a person or client or patient can appear normal or not. Misinterpreting this can lead to very unpleasant results.
Definitions of Abnormality
The follow defined terms can have great uses or limitations. The statistical type ...view middle of the document...

Theoretical approaches
This approach towards defining abnormality starts with a theory of personality development. “If normal development can be defined, then abnormality is defined by the failure to develop in this way.” (Dewey, n.d.) For example, a person normally arrives at moral stages in life to do the right thing. Some people are confronted, place or experience situations that they may have to conclude morally that it is wrong to cheat, lie, steal or kill other people. If someone does not arrive at this stage, that person might be viewed as abnormal and suffer severe consquences.
Subjective abnormality
Abnormality can be defined as functionality or behavior when a person is feeling anxiety, strangeness, depression, losing touch with reality, or any other sensation recognized and labeled by an individual as out of the ordinary. When not knowing this is a abnormal experience an individual is having the consequences can be detrimental.
Personal distress
“To say that abnormal behavior is behavior that causes a person distress/discomfort is to say that it is normal if there is no discomfort. Thus, it logically follows that someone like Charles Manson, a mass murderer, is normal: he feels no guilt or discomfort about the killings he is responsible for. Similarly, a psychotic patient who hears voices from his dead mother that makes him happy.” (Abnormal Psychology, n.d.).
Maladaptive behavior
This definition ignores the possibility that there may be abnormal situations. Perhaps there are situations in which it would be abnormal to adapt. For example, if a woman was unable to cope with a husband who abuses her this would be maladaptive behavior but as an...

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