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Assignment 3: Proposed Course For Development – Part 1

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Course Description
Drones in Education is an introductory course describing the uses and future use of drones in the use of high school and adult technological educational studies.
Courses in robotic drones are popular at various educational high school and adult education facilities, such as Unmanned Vehicles University, which offers “post-graduate engineering degrees, both masters and doctorate, in unmanned aerial vehicle systems.” (ABC News, 2013). These type of courses help students get positions related to drone technologies.
Provide a safe and educational online structured learning environment with multiple means of instruction and learning opportunities centered on the uses ...view middle of the document...

Students can name and identify the basic parts of robot drones.
Students can discuss the different software and hardware computer systems used and how drones are programmed.
Students can discuss the basic functions of robot drones.
Students will be able to discuss how drones are manufactured and which major companies are involved in their production process.
Students will be able to design a basic drone of their choosing and application to educational purposes.
Primary Learning Theory
The primary theory for this course will be constructivism, as it is a science and technology related course which would work well with this theory because “Constructivism” helps “students build their understanding of science .”
“Seymour Papert, a student of Piaget, asserted that learning occurs particularly well when people are engaged in constructing a product. Papert’s approach, known as constructionism, is facilitated by model building (12.5), robotics, video editing (16.5), and similar construction projects.” (California State University Northridge, 2014).
Although the students will not be physically constructing a drone in this class, they will have a fundamental knowledge of how drones are assembled, their basic parts, how they function, who manufactures them, how they are manufactures, how they are programmed and their operating systems, and their use in educational systems.
Student Motivation Methods
Students will receive certificates of completion for each section completed in this course as well as a certificate of completion upon the successful completion of the entire course.
Students will engage in websites and software which enables them to control a virtual drone.
Students will design their own drone for use in educational systems and present the design in a presentation for the class to view.
Certificates of completion reward the students and gives them a sense of accomplishment, enabling a more positive learning environment which may motivate them to...

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