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Assignment 3 Topic 1

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A close professional relationship with students has important, positive and long-lasting implications for students’ academic and social development. Improving students’ relationships with teachers well not solely produce gains in achievement but will attain higher levels of achievement than those students with no close relationship with teachers. When a student feels a personal connection with a teacher, has frequent conversations with a teacher, or even receives more guidance and praise, then that student is more likely to become more trustful of that teacher or show more engagement in the classroom or rooms. They might even display better classroom behavior, not just in that teacher’s classroom. Positive teacher-student relationships draw students into the process of learning and promote their desire to learn, given that the content material of the class is engaging and age appropriate.
When a teacher who foster positive relationships with their students, creates a classroom environment with a more conducive way of learning and meet students’ developmental, emotional, and academic needs. Some examples of a close relationship between a teacher and student: a middle school student experiences bullying from some other students and approaches her English teacher to discuss it because the student can trust that the teacher will listen to her and help them without making them feel socially hopeless; a fourth grade boy, who’s struggling in math, shows comfort in admitting his problem with his teacher, that he needs more help with multiplying and dividing fractions.
Attachment theory explains how students use their positive relationship with adults to organize their experiences into two types of attachments, secure and insecure attachments. When classrooms have a well-formed teacher-student relationship students start to form secure attachments with their teacher or teachers. Secure attachment is when students use their teachers as a secure base to explore the environment in the classroom or even on field trips taken by the school. But when a classroom does not have a well-formed teacher-student relationship then the student may...

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