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The concept of the span of management encompasses how many people one person can effectively supervise. Several factors play a part in determining how many people one person can supervise. One factor is the competency and skills of the supervisor and his employees. The more competent a supervisor is the more employees he or she is able to supervise. As the supervisors experience and competency builds the more employees he will be able to successfully supervise. Even though a supervisor may have great skills, competency, and experience there is still only a limited amount of people he is able to directly supervise. The skills and competency of the employees also influence the number of ...view middle of the document...

The less issues a supervisor has to deal with, the greater amount of time he will have to oversee other employees. If the tasks being performed by subordinates are complex or the process developing the task changes the greater the likelihood there will be a mistake. Also, when performing complex tasks, employees usually require more mentoring or instruction by a supervisor. Dealing with these mistakes and mentoring can be time consuming and only so much of this time can be spared by one supervisor to each employee. The use of technology can reduce the time a supervisor spends on certain task. Software programs for scheduling and accounting has made task such as these easier and less time consuming. The time saving due to technology can allow a supervisor to do other task and possible oversee more subordinates.
If the span of management becomes too wide for one supervisor many issues may develop. Issues such as projects expanding past deadlines, employees moral decreasing and poor departmental success may develop if a supervisor management span is too wide. In the healthcare sector if the span of management becomes so large that is causes poor departmental outcome, the quality of care provided to patients may be influenced in a negative way. The effects caused by an overly enlarged span of management can cause a negative impact on a patient’s health, which can lead to worsening illness, injury, or up to but not excluding death. Employee’s moral may also decease if they feel management does not have time for them. Supervisors that have too many employees for them to effectively manage do not have to adequate time to dedicate to listening to their employees. The employees in turn may feel they are undervalued and poor productivity may result.
Leaders may use team management to increase the span of management. Team management may be departmentalized down to...

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