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Today’s organizations require leadership styles conducive to supporting an organization’s culture, competiveness and effectiveness for survival in the 21st century. The depth of leadership presents leaders and managers with the task of understanding and supporting the needs of employees while maintaining strategic goals and missions throughout daily leadership. However, when an organization’s culture falters due to various factors, does leadership style bear the overall responsibility for internal discord?
Contemporary organizations expect advantageous styles of leadership to lead and facilitate operations as we move forward into the 21st century. This need requires leaders and organizations to instill a style of leadership advantageous to supporting and leading a culture towards organizational effectiveness and connecting to support and uphold organizational strategies. Thus, the success of an organization usually contains successful leaders who understand and support the needs of the employees. The characteristics of successful leaders include selflessness, mentoring, empowerment, influence, support and empathy among other positive traits (Hoffman, Bynum, Piccolo & Sutton, 2011; Karakitapoglu-Aygun & Gumusluoglu, 2013; Sabir, Sohail & Khan, 2011; Shankers & Sayeed, 2012).
However, as the military and the missions continue to change, the need for supportive leadership must change as well. Leadership styles base on an authoritarian leadership styles are no longer favorable to the overall culture of the military as the needs of member and the global community begin to shift. Therefore, military leadership must shift its direction to correlate with its personnel and those dependent on its services.
The current study examines the prevalence of particular styles of leadership, their variations and their underlying theories the effect an organizational culture within an Air Force Reserve (AFR) medical unit. As a non-profit government agency, the Air Force along with other military branches (Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard) expresses its leadership through a group of fundamental styles, which secures fluid discipline and order throughout the rank structure and effectiveness to carry out their mission requirements.

Leadership involves leading, managing, directing, controlling and planning individuals toward the visions and goals of the organization (Daft, 2012; Schuh, Zhang & Tian, 2013). This ability has a magnitude of responsibility, which in turn influences an organizational culture and how they operate within the context of supporting the strategic mission. Nevertheless, when leadership fails to impart an ethical direction of leading or institutes values that conflict with the organizational climate resulting in a fragmented culture (Groves & LaRoca, 2011).
The organization for this study currently fluctuates between 185-220 AFR medical personnel yearly. Located at Wright-Patterson AFB, in Ohio, the AFR medical...

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