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Assignment D

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I. Introduction
DSU was founded in 1925, in Cleveland MS, where this school was mainly a predominately ‘White’ institution. Just like other schools in the Deep South, there were several of stipulations for other minorities to attend the universities. DSU has since then allowed every ethnicity to attend the university all over the world. Now for students there are over 60 programs that they can chose from when deciding on a career, whether its online or in a class room setting. Every university in MS are competing with each other, but in my opinion DSU and MS Valley are just a like when I come to colleges in a rural area. DSU is one of the many universities that offer nursing, and aviation program. The main goal for DSU is to increase enrollment and have a higher turnout rate. All schools will see a turnover rate but school officials are trying to change that any way the can. School officials are targeting students in the delta area, instead of targeting other areas in MS. My advice to the school officials will be to expand their horizons, have recruiters go out and promote the university, which would help boost up there retention rate. I will give my recommendations for growth, maturity, and decline for colleges over the state of MS. How can school officials keep students enrolled in school until he or she completes the entire program? I feel that the amount of enrolled individuals inside of a class setting will have an effect on the schools growth. Most students prefer a one on one ratio with their professors so that they can get all the necessary information to successful pass the course. I recommend for recruiters to inform prospective students that information, it could make a difference. As a government employee I find it more accessible for me to earn a master’s degree online that will accommodate my busy schedule. Compared to Belhaven University MBA program, DSU IMBA program is less expensive and it only takes a year to complete the program. Most students take the GMAT in order to get into graduate school, but DSU will waive your GMAT score if students have three years of managerial experience. This will help grow the university because most prospective students haven’t been inside of a class room setting in years.
II. Growth
DSU is a growing institution that is doing great, but every college and/or university wants their institution to stand out. Officials at every college want to know how they can grow in all areas. As a student you have to spark our interest, it’s just like selling a car. The other day I wanted to see what can I get from a MBA program at Devry University. I found there programs more interesting and challenging which would meet my educational goals. I spoke with a representative who sold me to the university and catered to my every need. To make a long story short the only reason I didn’t pursue Devry because of the cost of education and the amount of debt I would be in after completing the program. When I became a...

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