Assignment Four

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I. The biggest lessons I have learned from my own teaching and from observing peers and experienced teachers.

I have got rich experience to learn new things and unlearn some others. Though, I have been teaching for thirteen years, I didn’t get chance to reflect my teaching and learning from others. I used to believe in student centered teaching but didn't have much idea. The CELTA course has nurtured and strengthened my passion as a teacher. It has rekindled my desire to be an innovative, resourceful, and hardworking teacher. It has given me an opportunity to reflect on my teaching, has made me confident as a teacher.

I tried my best to learn from teaching practice. I got chance to know ...view middle of the document...

I have learnt following things from Mr. Jamil:
• Lesson planning.
• Staging lesson clearly
• Giving feedback.
• Steps for MFP.

I got chance to watch few videos besides live observation of Tutors' teaching. I came to know that task based learning can be effective and more student-centered. Frances Eales' lesson is very interesting. She gives task to the SS and help them learn themselves. Catherine's use of personalized text to teach Grammar and Speaking lesson is insightful. Student's really like the personalized stories and personalized speaking activities, as a result they learn faster.

II. My strength as a teacher.

During teaching practice I came to know where my strengths lie as a teacher. I am good at keeping good rapport with students, willing to experiment, planning independently, and classroom management. I got some good feedback from my tutors, peers and students. By the end of TP2 my tutor commended my approachable rapport with students, my willingness to experiment with new ideas and my overall classroom management. My peers (Caroline, Rohini, Phoenix and Sama) found me approachable and a good planner. Some of my students told me that they liked my class because of my friendly approach. They loved the way I talked to them before and after the class. I realized that teaching is not about what happens in the classroom, but it is the sum total of what happens in and outside the class in terms of teacher and students relationship.

III. The areas I still need to work on.

I need to work really hard to be a better teacher especially in teaching meaning, form and pronunciation. I need to work on my language analysis and continue work on reducing TTT, executing written plan, and board plan. I need to work on my skill development as a teacher.

I’m not so good in analyzing language which is essential in planning...

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