Assignment I: Criminally Responsible And Competency

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Raskolnikov is criminally responsible for the murders of Alyona Ivanovna (the pawnbroker) and her sister Lizaveta; despite the way he may come off to some he is also competent to stand trial. Raskolnikov may be sickly, talks to himself and avoids confrontation with others before the murders, but he has times where he becomes social and normal before and after the murders. Raskolnikov knew once he confessed he would be charged with murder and knew he was the only one who acted upon the murder of the pawn broker and her sister. He knew that murdering the two women was wrong, that is why he cleaned himself up, hid the stolen items and started acting the way he did. He was able to tell the whole story of what happened to Sonya and then again to Magistrate Petrovich. It is the guilt he obtains after he committed the murders that drives him mental, until he is able to confess.
For time before the murders Raskolnikov contemplates multiple times before murdering the pawnbroker. He is against this in the beginning because he cannot handle murdering someone, he only changes his mind once he over hears a conversation about how some people feel society would be better off without the old lady. After hearing that conversation Raskolnikov also finds out what day and time Alyona will be home alone. That’s when he starts planning when he will go through with killing her and how he will get the chance to be alone with her in her home.
He is aware that killing someone is wrong no matter what that person is like. He shows this by waiting until no one is around and has a plan to go to the pawnbroker and distract her before killing her with an axe, which he brings with him. Once she is dead he begins to rob her trinkets and roubles, until Lizaveta walks into the house. Since she will know that he is the one that murdered her sister, Raskolnikov kills Lizaveta too. Once both sisters are killed and he grabs whatever valuables he can find, he hides in an empty apartment until he can escape the building without being seen. After leaving the pawnbrokers house Raskolnikov hides the stolen good in a place that cannot be traced back to him.
All the guilt of...

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