Assignment One Brief On Exploring Business Cornwall Business

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BTEC Business Extended Diploma Level 3
Unit Title:
Exploring Business
Student Name:
Zoe Varcoe
Charlotte Arnold
Date Issued:
Submission Date:
Learning Aims Covered:
A –
Explore the features of different businesses and analyse what makes them successful.
B –
Investigate how businesses are organised.
Criteria Covered:
P1 –
Explain the features of two contrasting businesses.
P2 –
Explain how two contrasting businesses are influenced by stakeholders.
P3 –
Explore the organisation structures, aims and objectives of two contrasting businesses.
M1 –
Assess the relationship and communication with stakeholders of two contrasting businesses using independent research
M2 –
Analyse how the structures of two contrasting businesses allow each to achieve its aims and objectives.
D1 –
Evaluate the reasons for the success of two contrasting businesses, reflecting on evidence gathered
You have been accepted onto a work placement at Cornwall Council. The team you are with is dedicated to helping businesses to start, grow and prosper. You will be working with the officers who are responsible for publications, brochures and guides. You have been asked to research and collect information on two contrasting businesses and use this evidence to write a report on why businesses are successful.
Task 1:
Select two contrasting businesses (one for profit, and one not-for-profit) and research the following information about them:
· Features of the business –
· Ownership and liability
· Purpose
· Sector

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