Assignment: Outline The Potential Problems Facing Organizations Who Wish To Develop A Revenue Stream From B2 C E Commerce

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Table of Contents1 Background2 Introduction3 Problem Content3.1Legal & Ethical Issues3.1.1 PrivacySolution 1Case Study 1Case Study 2Solution 23.1.2 Intellectual Property RightsSolutionCase Study 1Case Study 23.1.3 TaxationSolutionCase Study3.2 Social Issue3.2.1Digital DivideSolutionCase Study3.2.2 Loyalty IssuesSolution3.3 Political Issues3.4 Economic Issues3.5 Organization3.5.1 Channel ConflictCase StudySolutionCase Study3.5.2 More potential conflict under the channel conflict3.5.3 Change ManagementSolution3.5.4 E-FulfillmentCase Study 1Case Study 2Solution4 ConclusionBibliographyTopicOutline the potential problems facing organizations who wish to develop a revenue stream from B2C e-commerce.1 BackgroundThe rapid advancement of technology and its application by the business has helped more and more businesses proceeding cautiously into the world of web marketing, the electronic-commence(e-commerce) offers attractive opportunities for economy growth. Dave Chaffey provided a broad definition to the e-commerce:"E-commerce is the exchange of information across electronic networks, at any stage in the supply chain, whether within an organisation, between businesses, between businesses and consumers, or between the public and private sectors, whether paid or unpaid".(2004,P7) yellow text bookDavid Clark (2002,P3-4) outlined the trend of the B2C development from the official Census Bureau estimate concludes that the B2C sales were more than $12 billion in 1999, with $5.3 billion in the fourth quarter alone. It also says Forrester estimates that sales resulting from purchases of goods and services through online stores will nearly double each year through 2004. In other words, the B2C transaction is expected to reach $184 billion in 2004.2 IntroductionMany reports of e-commerce development show the fact that the B2C transaction is a growing and highly publicized category of the e-commerce, even if many consumer-oriented e-business have been started only since 1996. However, things do not look so optimistic. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development on E-commerce, it says the European market in several B2C sectors remains fragmented because of cultural and/or linguistic barriers and differing consumer preferences. It has been argued that the growth in B2C during an economic slowdown can be attributed to consumers looking for bargains.Although the use of the electronic business technologies expanding rapidly, there are many barriers that may hinder the development of B2C e-commerce, not only the two factors argued above. The factors that impact the organization involves both macro-environment and micro-environment sector. The macro-environment includes: social, legal, economic, political, technological, and competitive. Whereas the micro-environment concerns the organization, customers, suppliers, competitors intermediaries. This essay will outline the major problems that faced by B2C company, and also provide the solutions...

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