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1. Introduction
Work related internal e-mail sometimes blurs the boundary between spoken language and written English, since it could entertain groups of people in different positions to a shared company event while proposes limited strictness on styles and formality. For example, an internal company-wide outgoing activity opinions collecting e-mail may involve both texts of grammatical intricacy and texts of spoken oriented type with only one simple sentence. .
The article observes and concludes some aspects of the used langue features of a group of problem solving internal e-mails developed by the same topic (totally 36 e-mails), which were collected in Hong Kong form the daily operation service, market data feed feeds, of the Finical and Risk Departments of Thomson Reuters Corporation, one of the world’s leading media and information firm, basing on analyzes of elements in the used langue in the perspective of metafunctions, (Haliday 2004) and discussions on their possible contributions to convey meanings and constitute texts.
According to Amrin (2004), metafunction, which originates conceptually from the approach of systemic functional grammar (Haliday), could be technically specified into three functions: ideational, interpersonal and textual. I.e. “to represent experience”, “to exchange experience” and “to organize experience”. Thus, the presented findings and discussion on used language features will be castigated mainly under the three functions.
However, though observing and analyzing with the discourse tool metafunctions and adopting face-to-face conversation measure to ensure interpretation correctness, the suggested findings in this article may in some degree lack of convincingness owing to: 1) the limited knowledge on technical field, 2) the limited knowledge of culture and communication customs Thomson Reuters Corporation, and 3) small sample size.
2. Used language features
2.1 Mood exchange and power relationship
Though the powder relationship are rather clearly indicated by working positions in workplaces, imperative approach seldom functions as obvious commanding purpose in the collected mails. Among the 8 command approaches found in the 36 e-mails, 5 come from the powerful side - manager martin, which means around 40% mails send by the manager included imperative approaches. Interestingly, although commands in manger e-mails had been careful dealt with modal adjunct (Haliday 2004) “please” to soften the tune of commanding and seems like to offer alternatives, recipients decided to respond in all these imperatives cases. For example, the responses to information contained in the “please see following summary” (initiating e-mail, Appendix 3) are found in following mails (e.g. e-mail 2, Appendix 3) and “Please advise me the schedule…”(e-mail 34, Appendix 3) was well answer by “It cover all 3 flows and work already completer”(e-mail 35, Appendix 3).
In addition, as shown in chart 1 (Appendix 1), Marvin initiated...

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