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1) Paul’s main message was that through Jesus, God would give pardon to those who trusted and believed him. He also believed that people can begin the process of salvation present in their own life. He spoke of agape. This is unconditional love. He believed all of Christian concern circled around this. Jesus’s teachings are more about the life her and now. So when he talked about the Kingdom of Heaven, he was thinking of a kingdom here on earth, while Paul thought more about a metaphorical kingdom of people who believe. Another big difference is that Paul believed people are justification by faith; while Jesus focused on doing things –repenting, being baptized –in order to be justified. ...view middle of the document...

He thought Jesus only died for the sins of the elect. The elect could not lose their salvation. The English reformation started when Henry VIII wanted a divorce and remarriage. So he broke with the Catholic Church. He did not like the corruption of the papacy and they didn’t like a lot of the rituals.
4) Christian denominations have different view of the importance of the appropriate sacred texts. Roman Catholics rely on the Bible, which includes the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Apocrypha. Lutherans believe in the Bible, but only the Old and New Testament. The Apocrypha was not required; you could read it is you want. Finally, the Baptists only read the New and Old Testament. No Apocrypha. There is also the question of whether woman can be leaders or ordained. In Roman Catholic that cannot. In Lutheran it depends of the council. Finally, in Baptist, it depends on the division of churches. They also have different views on the fate of other religions. Roman Catholics believe that it is possible for people outside the Catholic faith to be saved. They believe some people may...

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