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Assingment 2 Essay

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It is widely known and accepted throughout the world that being overweight poses a huge health risk to the individual. If the person who is overweight is on the severe end of the spectrum, they are categorized as obese and is thus considered to have a health problem. Depending on how severely overweight the individual is sometimes exercise and good dieting isn’t enough to shed off the fat needed to become healthy again. In these cases, their obesity becomes a serious medical issue – sometimes requiring surgical weight loss treatments - rather than a temporary setback in weight management. It is also common knowledge that the diet of ...view middle of the document...

However, before we can do any of that it is important to better get acquainted with just how much food influences our body in terms of fat storage, fat loss and body weight maintenance. My partner and I have collected 10 peer-reviewed journals that would form the intellectual foundation of our research project since it discusses dietary influences in detail.
Based on the articles we have collected, my partner and I see a growing problem with how America’s population interacts with food which began in the 1980’s. During that time period low-fat and high-carb diets prevailed amongst mainstream ideology which eventually led to influence over food manufactures. To account for the lack of taste in food due to the reduction of animal fat, sugar was pumped into produce to make it more flavorful which sparked a 5% increase in calories per single serving. That is an average of 500 calories more from sugar than we have ingested before the 80’s (Glassman, 2013). Another journal independent of the first reported that the average American person dines out 2.8 times a week. Although this may not seem like a problem at first, it is important to consider that food portions and calories prepared outside the home are significantly higher than when cooked in the home leading to an excess of about 640 calories per meal (Cohen, 2014).
The spike in sugar consumption from the 1980’s coupled with the fact that food portion sizes are not regulated in restaurants serves as a predictor for health and dietary problems if the public remains uneducated. These facts are essential to know for college students whose primary source of food especially during the first year in college is predominantly diners and school cafeterias (Vella-Zarb, 2009). College, especially for Freshmen students, can be a very stressful time for many individuals. There tremendous pressure for both men and women in American society to uphold a certain physical standard of appearance mixed in with the ease of availability of junk food and overconsumption places the individual at a very difficult place to be without the right education on food. On top of the exposure to increased sugar and lack of regulation in portion sizes that many people face, college students – especially females- are prone to develop eating disorders and/or abuse of dieting pills as a method of coping with weight gain (Celio, 2006). The constant dependence on drugs or commercial weight loss pills to keep weight off leads to long term liver damage and it’s been reported that eating disorders also take a huge toll on the human body (Stellefson, 2006). Instead of turning to these methods for weight loss, it has been proven that meals and snacks that are high in protein and rich in dietary fiber can increase bowel movement which is essential to our health as well as decrease the amount of stored saturated fats (Brauchla, 2013 and Santesso, 2012). Another factor that is often overlooked when combating weight gain is the...

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